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Qantas's Ban Appeal

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In-game alias: Qantas or Vladimir

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:86494301

When was the ban: 22/07/17

How long is the ban: Permanent

Which admin banned you: Kosmos (Cool Community Owner)

Explain the situation: I hopped on one night, tired as but I felt that maybe hanging out on Star Wars RP would be a chill experience, (keep in mind, this was late at night). So, I log on to my sith character, grabbed me a cold subbie, sat down and began my game. I wandered off out of the sith temple and out into the corridors. A guy (do not know that name of) types in chat and calls me a "mummies boy" or something. Now, I got back from a rough day of work and that pissed me off. I retaliated which I should not of and made an angrily response back with "it was me, not my mum" because it was (at the time), a bit embarrassing. This begins to proceed over treating me like shit. A few days before, I was challenged to a PK duel, I did not know what PK meant, I thought it was a special duel or something. Later that day, I realised that it meant Permanent Kill and when I knew I lost, I did not enjoy this. I got the owner to come to me and I put my mother on and she began typing. It finished off with a fair second chance. Now back to the present, I get pulled up by the owner and talked to for a minimal amount of time. He explains to me that I have been disrespectful to the players, I lied to him about the PK incident and then I was community banned.

Why you deserve a second chance: I feel I deserve a second chance because I am dedicated to this server and to prove, I donated in the first day or so for sith. I enjoy most of the players on the server and I am sorry for anyone that I offended/agonized. I am melancholy that I cannot play on this server as it is the only popular star wars AUS server out there. I hope that my second chance is considered as I already miss this server. Also, this is to the owner, I did not lie about my mum not typing, it actually was her. I would never lie to you Kosmos. Please do consider me and again. I am sorry to all the players I offended or hurt. I am hoping to turn over that new leaf and have everyone NOT hate me. I intend to roleplay again and have a fun time with all of you. 



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I was there at the situation when it was happening, but I only remember it faintly so I will not say what happened. 

However I know that @Poseidon knows the full story.

But my decision will be a -1 for now.

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Ok So,

I was their for most of this incident, Here's how it went;

  1. You joined the server and after 18 minutes of playtime had already donated for inquisitor
  2. You were being disrespected by other players, however instead of calling for a staff member you proceeded with your own disrespectful comments
  3. Poseidon going around (doing what he does) asking all the sith if any wanted to PK duel him
  4. You accepted it
  5. Vader (Pures at the time) informed you that the duel was a perma kill one and that you would loose your rank, you accepted
  6. It came to the day and everyone came to the arena to watch you fight him
  7. someone stated he was the best dueler on the server and you tried to back out of the fight
  8. you said to Vader the only way you would go on with the fight is if you had 10,000 HP (keep in mind that I think prophets only have 2,500 HP)
  9. Vader denied and you kept refusing to fight
  10. He gave you 2 options, 1) Fight and stand a chance to keep your rank, 2) get set back to ST Private and not fight...
  11. You chose option 2
  12. Then the stuff happened with you Kosmos and your mum (Which I know little about so I'm not going to voice my thoughts on that, maybe @Kosmos can provide everyone with the details if needed in this case)


However from the information I have heard it sounds as if you did infact deserve the ban and therefore I am going to give you request a -1



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-BAN- You got banned for being disrespectful from what I hear and what I have heard. This means you were either bing rude to someone or not playing nicely/ being disrespectful. If your having a bad day I would try to not interact with people on the server I would stay away from people that might get on your nerve. Also if you have temper where you lash out at people then re-consider going towards anyone for a bit to chill out. 

-DETAIL- Your Ban appeal is detailed and is very good but the ban was by kosmos would have had to see what you did to ban you. He doesn't just go around banning people left and right. You would have to do something to earn that ban.

-CONS- I have no problems with this ban appeal but the ban is there because you were being disrespectful.


-Wombat out-

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+1 i believe everyone deserve a second chance, if you have the intention to roleplay and get involved with the community and show you're a better person then i feel you should be unbanned but if you play up again it's  another permanent ban depending on the situation. Thanks ?

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22 hours ago, {IG} Toucan said:

Hi Qantas, I have read your statement thoroughly and since I have not been on this server for a long time, I do not know what you have done besides what you have written. By the looks of it, you have dug yourself a deep hole and you cannot get out of it. You seem like a cool guy and I would love to meet you in-game if you get unbanned. 






Not the way to do it mate.


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C'mon wolf, I really want to get a chance to come back, can't you leave it up for a few more days, I beg you. I am trying my hardest to be back with the community with an intent to Roleplay. I have lost my minginess and learnt from my mistakes.

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