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Hermes PAC3 Application


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Hermes PAC3 Application - 29/08/2017

What is your In-game name:

  • 442nd Master Sergeant MSGT-53 Hermes Jr.


Steam ID:          



Steam link:


Play time:

  • 3w 15h (As Of 29/08/17)


Have you used PAC Before:

  • I have not used PAC3 before within the server or on other servers however I am wiling to learn so that I can grow my knowledge and use within the server


Why should you be trusted with PAC:

I should be trusted with the PAC3 extension as I am a long standing member within the community, I am active and have been trusted with the powers that accompany a staffing role and have not abused or misused them. I have shown and proven my trust within the community. I believe I should be trusted as I have spent a huge time portion of my year on this server and wouldn't do anything that would ruin the chance of me being able to continue on the server.


Why do you want PAC:

I want PAC3 so I can greater immerse myself and others in the RP experience by adding new and different RP elements into my role within the server. I want to have access to unlock greater areas for RP that not only improve the RP experience for myself but other players in the community. I also would like to add new and cool things to my in game armour to add to the RP aspect. I also believe PAC3 is the needed platform to extend my RP capabilities to its fullest.


Why do you deserve PAC:

I believe I deserve PAC3 as I am a long standing and well known member within the community and have proven my trust through the acceptance of me into the role of Event Master and the trust that accompanies this role. I think I also deserve PAC3 because I always try to Roleplay to my fullest extent and am always looking for new and creative things to spice up the RP element within the server.


Anything Else To Add:

  • Staff Member
  • Long Standing Community Member
  • Serious RP'er
  • Trustworthy
  • Community Driven


Thanks, Hermes

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+1 Good mate and loyal server member.


-App- Your app is super detailed, correct and has no Repetitio.

-Trustworthy- He has been a member of this community for a long time now and the server has trusted him to get EM. So in my eyes the is pretty trust worthy.

-Playtime- He has 3 Weeks+ this is a long time on the server to be playing for.

-Friendlness- He is super friendly when ever I see him and is always there to help people. This is why he would make a great Mod. :)

-Cons- I have none for this app. It seems perfect to me.

PS. Good Job on getting into 442nd you are a great person that can be trusted with PAC3.


-Wombat out-

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4 hours ago, Ling Ling said:

-1 minge


  • Active
  • Well Known
  • Trustworthy
  • Mature


On 8/30/2017 at 9:28 PM, Jøkër said:


  • He's a good EM
  • I don't believe he'll screw about with PAC3
  • Could make some interesting RP with PAC3



The same reasons as these people.

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On ‎3‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 5:02 AM, TheAwesomeSimmo said:

+1 Defiantly one of the most trustworthy people on the sever. He always role-plays seriously, is know by almost everyone and deserves it.


On ‎3‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 4:54 AM, Tatsumaki said:


Nice app!

Trusted and well respected player

Serious about rp


On ‎3‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 1:35 AM, wflizzi said:



On ‎2‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 9:09 PM, Gaben said:



On ‎2‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 9:08 PM, [IG] Edwards said:


Thanks For Your Support



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