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Events What do you want to do while waiting

What would you prefer to do in events  

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  1. 1. What would you like to be doing when waiting for events

    • Watching the tv
    • Setting up a forward base /checking dropships scanning surroundings ect
    • Training

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-App- Super detailed and noice to read.

-Friendlness- He's a good lad that does in my eyes deserve trial mod.

-Trustworthy- I think he is trustworthy enough to have t-mod.

-Cons- How did you make the mistake of putting the topic into trial-mod apps?

PS. You doing well so far as an event you events from what I have seen are really good.


-Wombat out-

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I agree with the middle one, the tv is good but most things put on it to watch are pretty rubbish, the middle one would give regiments ect things to do while waiting for the event and keep them occupied which i think is what they need +1

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