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Hisoka's PAC3 Tier 1 Application {EDITED}

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What is your in-game name: Currently, I'm known as Marauder Novice Varan in-game, others of you may have known me as some of the following: DT Officer Cadet Hisoka Rancor Sergeant C

+1 Is a minge but a tasteful minge and is extremely active i'm pretty sure he doesn't exist and is just a npc on the server...

Cheer's everyone. It's really good to hear that everyone is willing to give me another chance, I'm going to be trying my 100% not to mess this up. Thank you.

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On 11/1/2017 at 7:29 PM, Pureus said:


- Fantastic ideology

- Plays with intense lag yet plays as if there is none

- Long lasting member among us

- Humble and loyal to the server and his peers

- Phenomenal roleplay for someone who is notorious for not using his voice

- Good to very good pre-understanding of PAC3 mechanics

- Overall Trustworthy and capable


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I have never had an issue with you personally, and I do truly believe you have put your mingy days behind you.

This app is also fantastically detailed - a clear indicator of actual thought being put in.

I feel you are deserving of this.

All the best.


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In Game

I have seen you act responsibly, and you are genuinely quite funny at times. Someone enjoyable to be around is someone I trust

Your RP is excellent (slight bias) and you never go out of your way to ruin experiences

The App

Your app is excessively detailed (not a bad thing) and goes further into how you will act

I'd put my trust in Hisoka to use PAC3. An excellent candidate

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