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Ling Ling's PAC3 Application

Ling Ling

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What's your In-Game Name:


Steam ID:


Steam Profile Link: 


Play Time: 

4W 6D 15 HRSh

Have you used PAC Before:


Why should you be trusted with PAC:

I believe you should be able to trust me with PAC for these reasons:

I am a long time member of the community, being involved with it for over 7 months and having nearly 5 weeks playtime. I am well known throughout the community. I also have a great reputation both on the server and within the forums. I have no warns or bans on the server. Furthermore, I have held two staff positions while apart of Imperial Gaming. These positions required immense levels of responsibility and skill to hold and I would not see why I wouldn't continue to display these if I obtained PAC.

Why do you want PAC:

I want PAC to be able to use it to further enhance role play on the server. Even just the little things that PAC can do, make a users' enjoyment on the server greater and make the overall role play environment better. I can also use it for certain situations in events. These may include: having a dead troop/sith on my back, receiving a hologram from someone, etc.

Why do you deserve PAC:

I believe I deserve PAC as I have dedicated myself and contributed a lot to this community. I am active on the forums and in-game, well known, responsible and a trusted person. I can use PAC to create more RP situations.

PAC Examples: (They are bad quality so you can't really see the detail)

                                     Simple Cape                                                                                                           



                                                                                                   Gun that disappears when equipped


Hologram Message from Palpatine




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-Playtime- He has 4Weeks 5Days last I checked that's a pretty big time frame.

-Trustworthy- I believe he is trust worthy because he has been apart of this community for 7 months. I have seen him in-game and do believe he his trust worthy.

-Friendly- Most of the time he is friendly towards others.

-App- Not the most detailed App I've seen but definitely not the worst.

-Respondable-  I think I have heard people saying that you are a ex-moderator so if you got that rank then you would have been trusted by the sever to use the powers of that rank without abusing them.

-Reputation- I always see  him around ship and he is always noticed for the good reasons. Personally I think he is more than cable of using PAC3 without abusing it's powers.

-Cons- I don't have any except for datail you do have good detail but you need more. Also I know your gonna change it later because you did it on your phone.

PS. Good Job on getting into RG.


-Wombat out-

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