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Wombats PAC3 Tier 1 Application


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- [ What is your In-game name: ] -

Brigadier ‘8754’ - Wombat

- [ Steam ID: ] -


- [ Steam link: ] -


- [ Server Play time: ] -

5 Weeks+ 16/02/2018

- [ Have you used PAC Before: ] -

I Have Used this on Other Servers that Allow this to be Used, I have Tested lots of PAC's to see what can Lag a Server and what cant lag a Server to an Extent that the Does Allow a Server to Operate Properly.

 - [ Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): ] -

I believe that I'm able to be trusted with PAC3 because I have been a member of this community for a while 4-5 months in total. I have also been trusted by the server to be the commander of 212th/ high ranking official this is a responsibility that many others do not get and I am thankful for it. Like I said before I do have experience with PAC3 I know my way around it and I know the rules and I do understand the restrictions. - Edit - Another Reason to Add to This is that I have Amazingly been Trusted by the Server to be apart of the Staff Team as a Server Moderator.

- [ Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): ] -

I want PAC3 because since I'm a high rank in my reg I can use it for RP reasons for example if I get captured I can make myself put my hands up or behind my head this could also be used in events (Rebel Capture). I could also use it to improve my player models look in return might make my RP and others RP more immersive in situations of serious RP. I also could use it to alter my player-model/ Character to do actions that would help in RP situations from the littlest things like showing id and better salutes right to full fledged surrending hands behind head kneeling to a rebel or Imperial Secruity. This would inretrun make the RP situation more immersive, fun, cool and Serious not only for  me but for everyone around me. - Edit - I am Mainly going to Use PAC3 Editor in RP Situations to better Improve Everyones Rp and Make it more Immersive, As stated above. I could also help other people out with their PAC's because I have been using PAC3 since I made this App on SinglePlayer Mode and Cerebros Gaming (New Server).

- [ Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): ] -

I have been in this community for awhile now and I think that I proven my self to be a trustworthy member of this community by not only being a Senior members of this community but by Commanding a Reg of own. This in my eyes in a amazing role in the community and on the server and I always try to improve. I have also read the Rule, Boundaries and limitations that Caboose has set for PAC3 and I do understand. If I do get PAC3 I promise I will not abuse my powers. 

- [ Thank you for reading ] -

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Thank you all for your Amazing Support so far on my PAC3 Application. @Marlin I try to be all of those things and more and its because of you guys. @Vertex You haven't seen this yet. That al

*BUMP* Guess Who's Back - I have finally arrived back to the Community as in the Server. - Hope to see you all soon.

oof yea  +1

Definatly a massive  +1Wombat is an incredibly trustworthy and hardworking person that tries to always keep his regi inline,   the examples he gave I actually really like the idea of..I might use that as well xD...And I have no doubt that he is trustworthy enough to have pac3

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17 minutes ago, [IG] Mainz said:

Honestly well said +1

Awww thanks Mainz coming for you means a lot :) 

Thanks Mainz short but good feedback. Thanks :) 

15 minutes ago, Tatsumaki said:

Definatly a massive  +1Wombat is an incredibly trustworthy and hardworking person that tries to always keep his regi inline,   the examples he gave I actually really like the idea of..I might use that as well xD...And I have no doubt that he is trustworthy enough to have pac3

Thanks Tatsu I always try to keep reg inline and I also I got the idea from the movie from when Han Solo crouches down with his hands behind his head. Also that gave me another idea during Rebel/Enemy excursions the enemy can crouch down with hands behind head and then after debrief get executed this would be benifial for events. Thanks for feedback. :) 

16 minutes ago, Krypton said:


You deserve this. You'll surely be able to implement PAC3 into your RP as a commander.

Thanks krypton for feedback and thanks for understanding.

Thanks guys for support and feedback so far. :) 

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3 hours ago, Kendrick said:



  • Well Known
  • Active
  • Trusted


Good Luck Wombat.



Thanks keethh on feedback I always try my best to be known but most people think being a commander is noticeable enough xD. Keep up the good work as a bounty hunter.

PS. Later I might need you to do a couple things for me xD Just joking. But being serious if I need you I'll come to you, wait no that sounds wrong. xD. Good luck to you to.

3 hours ago, Kendrick said:

Agreed +1

Thanks Kendrick coming for you and Barron it means a lot because  your not only were Brigader of RST but now you went out of your way to be Commander of RG can someone give Kendrick another  promotion. xD 

3 hours ago, Barron said:


Wouldn't go out his way to abuse the add-on! 

Coming you Barron it means a lot since your already a very trustworthy member of this community and server. 

PS. Keep up the good work and have a look at what banks did with his PAC3 :) he looks sooooo cool.

-Thank you all so much with the support-

-Also God luck too:





-I hope you all make it in :).

-Wombat out-

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23 hours ago, Fox said:


trusted player, very friendly and knows the basics

Thanks fox on kind feedback I have finally learnt how to animate my character I've watched a couple of YouTube vids and on my single player world I have made the hands behind head animation I said in my app. Thanks for feedback.

22 hours ago, ECork said:


Trusted player, very nice guy, active

Thanks Ecork for feedback, I alwaysn try to be active. Thanks for feedback.

18 hours ago, Capacis said:


Trustworthy and nice person

Awwww thanks for feedback I will not destroy the trust of this server. Thanks for feedback.

PS. Thanks to everyone that has responded to my PAC3 app.

-GoodLuck to all- <3

-Wombat out-

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On 30/08/2017 at 8:59 PM, Jøkër said:

Agreed +1

Thanks Jester for kind respond.

PS. I hope I can see some of your PAC3 creations. ;) 

On 02/09/2017 at 0:14 PM, Wombatiacus said:


-Very Friendly





Good luck!


Don't mind that it says wombatiacus says this... Thanks for Reply and feedback.

PS. Keep yelling at troopers that try to enter MHC.

On 01/09/2017 at 10:00 PM, Slick said:

+1 Friendly active and a nice guy

I always try to be active during the week and I'm always active on week-end. One of the things I improved on was niceness every-time I see someone get a promotion I always try to congratulate them. It makes me feel nice. *Cough*Cough* Good Job on Colonel. :) 


On 02/09/2017 at 0:56 AM, Sal said:

+1 Always a great person who i can trust in events

I love being in your events because there sooooooo fun and interesting not only for the event characters but for the Server. You are in my eyes one of the best EM out there. Through out my 1974 hours of playing Gmod on different servers I think your one of the best I have ever seen. 

PS. Keep up the Awesomely, amazingly fun and exciting events. ;) 

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- Active player

-Commander of 212th which I've seen him do awesome with his regiment

-Trustworthy and a friendly player

-Would suprise me if he abused Pac3 (highly doubt it)

-Remnant Company Lieutenant | Zumos


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