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Cody PAC3 Application

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What is your In-game name: Navy Admiral Cody

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:44379558

Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EKSTUDIOS/

Play time: 5 Weeks 0 Days 1 Hours

Have you used PAC before: Yes, however I would not call myself an expert.

Why should we trust you with PAC (1 Paragraph): I am a long time member of the community, having been around the server now for 8 months. I have been in very high levels of responsibility on the server in the past and have proved that I can be trusted with powers that other do not otherwise have. I have no warnings on the server. I am a long time member of the community, known by most players. Being trusted with high in game ranks and staff ranks helping manage the server for a short period for time. 

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe with the current job that I am or any job that I will be in the future you are always limited to a certain extent with RP by the amount you can customise  your appearance. You can create a far deeper and more immersive RP experience for both yourself and other players with the ability to add small details to your appearance. This helps to create a more enjoyable and fun RP experience that leaves you wanting more not only for yourself, but other players as well. I believe that as a staff member I will be able to use Pac3 to take what I already do, which is helping to make the player experience as good as possible to the next level. Even though I am staff I often jump into the TS channel with EM during events to help them manage things when need and assist them when they ask for help. The ability to use Pac3 would be very helpful when assisting in events.

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I am a long time member of the community who has proven that they are trust worth and able to work within limitations and boundaries that are set. I will be able to use the ability that I am given without abusing. 


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-Playtime- He has 5 weeks on the server.

-Trustworthy- He is an administrator on this server. That's pretty trustworthy to me.

-Friendly-  He's always a good person to talk to and helpful.

-Respectful and Respondable- He's admired by many including me.

-Happy- I see him in a good mood all the time.

-App- He's app is well written and it looks like he basic knowledge of PAC3.

I personally think he is more than capable to have PAC3. 


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