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Fizzy's EM Application


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Can be a minge

Dont believe you wouldn't take the position seriously.

Can be immature.

Way to many warnings.

Not very loyal as I've seen you in many regiments.

Theres a lot of pressure with this position and the heat can get to you sometimes. If you think you are fit for the position then you need to show us that you are able to keep your cool and not do things that could ruin someone's experience on the server.

I just have very little faith that you can turn your attitude around. But prove me wrong over the next few weeks and I may change my decision.



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I'm changing my Neutral to a +1


[CHANGES] I have seen fizzy a lot more on the server, he seems more mature (also really good at Raising his voice in the mic) and he has became less mingey. I read over his App a couple of times and it is very detailed and understandable. His events are reasonable and very well planned. I don't see why he wouldn't make a good EM.


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- Somewhat active

-Minges (but has improved alot)

-from what I've seen while being in a regiment with him (captain) he often disrespected myself and never followed orders, this may be due to a immaturity thing but hopefully you can improve yourself and change your ways.

-Remnant Company Lieutenant | Zumos



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the amount of minging I have seen front you in the past out weighs the positive improvement by a LOT. From what I've seen you're easily pressured, immature and mingey. 3/4 encounters I've had with you is you trying to piss someone off and get them to react rationally so you can scream RDM. You have mocked and harass many players that I've known personally just to get laughs outta your friends. Until I see a LOT of improvement it's a -support

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Attitude Has Changed Well

Less Mingey Than The Past


Being A Minge In The Past Out Weighs The Current Reputation

Kinda Active

The Time When He Was My Commander He Was Really Mingey, Disrecpectful & Hypocritical

Regiment Hopper

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Hi Fizzy,

Due to your information, I can tell that you genuinely want the role as an Event Master. Although, some of the answers lack a little, they do provide enough information to keep a genuine App. You clearly provide enough information to give an answer. 

Your events on the other hand lack a little in the way of "openness". They provide good detail and information, they just don't seem fun, and open enough to keep 60+ people entertained for a period of time. 

Yourself in game is good, but there are moments when you can act not mature, but these don't happen quite often. 

+1. Information is quite clear, and your events look "OKAY" but aren't overly "fun"

My everlasting Love,

Miss Maxine.

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