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Sicarius PAC 3 App

NUG - Vlad

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What is your ingame name?


What is your steam ID?


Steam Link?



2 Weeks 2 days 20 hours and counting

Have you used PAC before?

Yes I like to experiment with it offline and toy around, not a high amount of experience with the animation side but modeling yes.

Why should you be trusted with PAC?

I'm not one to minge and toy around, those of you who have met or spoken to me would know by now that I have no interest in jeapordizing my position or how I'm seen on the server. While it is up to your own judgement whether or not I be trusted with this tool I personally believe I have more than proven that I can be trusted through the actions and behavior that not only I carry but enforce on my own troops. I have never wanted to break a rule and would feel a great shame if I did, If there is anything I do not understand about this tool I will come to someone who does know and ask. 

Why do you want PAC?

PAC is a tool that can be used in a huge variety of ways, my own personal reasons for wanting this tool is mainly for cosmetic reasons although it would also allow me to increase the realism behind any RP that would involve my body (aka I recently underwent extreme enhancement surgery to my limbs and most of my torso meaning that I would create a cybernetic overlay across my limbs and parts of the chest to immerse it further). Essentially I just want it for RP. 

Why do you deserve PAC?

Nobody deserves PAC, I have never felt that I have deserved anything I have been given. I merely work hard and am gifted with rewards for this hard work. It is up to you whether or not I deserve this, not I. I feel that I have already proven that I can be trusted with this tool and that you can trust that I will not misuse it, like I've stated before I have never sought to ruin my reputation or minge on this server and this will not change regardless of what occurs.


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