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Simmo's Event Master Application

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Steam Name: TheAwesomeSimmo


Age: 21


Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? Yes, and I’m happy to use TS whenever needed.


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63144820


In-game name and rank: Simmo, Commander of 442nd until 8/10/17. From 8/10/17, ISB Acting Agent Shaw.


Time Played: 2 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours and 36 mins as of 17/10/17 (Activity Level is around 5-7 hours per day, every day.)


Why are you applying for this position?:

Firstly, I want to help the server and being an EM is a good way of using my creativity. Secondly, I want to be able to try and create a few more passive or less combat focused event, I know this can be boring but it would change it up for the notion that the ship is normally attacked every 2-3 hours. Finally, I do enjoy being on the server, the staff are all great and I feel like I should give back to the server somehow. I also have a advanced knowledge of the stacker and precision tools and have constructed different advanced dupes for tryouts, trainings, etc. which is helpful as a EM.


How will allowing you to be a part of our staff team help us?:

I am active every day for a considerable amount of time and it not likely to change. I am creative and did spend my HSC doing drama and writing scripts. I’m also willing to just help spawn in props, NPCs, bombs, vehicles if I’m not the EM in charge of the event. I also have the knack of coming up with interesting ideas, some might not always be possible but they might offer influence for another event. I can build pretty well in my opinion.

I am open to feedback from anyone in the Staff Team as well as people I trust on the server, and I’m willing to change my event if need be. I’m also happy for people to vote on if the event was good or not.


Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: No.


Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: One warn for RDM. I have no kicks or bans.


What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?:

I would like to try and work the events so that regiments get to fulfil their job descriptions. So, SCAR, IC, Rancor can do spec ops, 31st can do some demolitions, 442nd can besiege an enemy camp, etc. I’d also try and focus events on utilising regiments’ skills, I.E. A bomb in the engine room that 31st and 442nd to contain and defuse, or possibly the revelation that there is a spy on the ship and ISB and DT need to figure out who they are and stop them.

On another note, I would like to create passive events such as conferences, forced medical check-ups, ship inspections that allow the more passive role play for officers, medical troopers, engineers and navy.   


Anything else you would like to add: I do fully accept that if I am minging, abusing tools, etc that I will step-down as an EM if requested. I would be honoured to work with the amazing EM team and hope that I get accepted. I look forward to reading your feedback. I do also accept that NPC, bombs, vehicles cause server lag and will not add too much at a time so that it does not cause lag or crashes.

I do have plenty of other ideas and had to cull them down for the section below. I.E. Rogue ISB super robot, rogue regiment for off ship event, etc. I do have a few other events writen down if any EM is interested in reading them, if anyone else is interested then you will have wait and see if I make it, don't want my ideas stolen.

I want to also to note that I prefer improvisation scripts for scripted text over word for word scripts, just how I work best.


Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master:

On-Ship Event

General Idea: VIP Prisoner (Jedi or light side force user) is escorted on the ship, through to ISB for interrogation. A rescue party arrives and tries to free the prisoner and escape.

Ideal Server Population: 45+ people for small group(HP). 80+ people for large group(HP).

Event Characters (11-13);

·        1 Jedi or Light Side Force User. HP from 10K to 15K depending on server population at the time. Weapons include 1 lightsabre of their choice (single or double bladed).


·        6-8 Rebels (again depending on server pop) with 5K Health, given 2 respawns (3 lives overall), probably will give the Weslars for more damage and accuracy. A few of them might get more powerful weapons depending on the player pop. Might be worth giving 2 or 3 cloaking to try and stealthy rescue prisoner. This won’t happen with future respawns, it’s a once off.


·        1 Rebel-sympathiser (DT or ISB) who would try and set the prisoner free before the rescue party arrives.


·        1 Commodore, General, Admiral for COMMS and Ship-wide voice. Name: Tucker.


·        EM to pilot ship. Named as Prison Transport Pilot. Modelled as Fleet. 1 additional Event Character to be a prisoner escort. (These ECs can be returned to original jobs if server population is lower.)


Run-down of Event

Part 1 – Prisoner Escort and Interrogation

COMMS message from Prisoner Escort “This is Prisoner Transport P-1472 requesting clearance to land with VIP prisoner. Code 43.” Fleet will grant the access to MH1.

Commodore will ask over COMMS for 4-6 DTs, 2 ISB agents and 2 Inquisitors, if possible to go to MH1 for prisoner escort to ISB. This will occur, and the pilot and prisoner escort will be allowed access to the Mess Hall.

The ISB agents will interrogate the Jedi/Force user, but will leave giving a rebel sympathiser within ISB the ability to free the prisoner. They will die trying.

Part 2 – Rebel Rescue

Fleet will spot an unidentified dropship and will attempt to obtain clearance codes, this is up to fleet on what is said. Hostilities are to be avoided so no TIEs or space combat is to occur.

By this time either the Jedi has escaped or the unauthorised ship will have not complied. The Commodore will announce either;

 “The Prisoner has escaped ISB and has last been seen heading… [insert location], all troopers have authorisation to use any means to take down this prisoner.”


 “An unauthorised ship has been spotted landing in… [MH1 or MH2], SK and RT to [MH1 or MH2] to assert the hostility presented by the ship.”

The dropship will try and land in MH1 if empty or else will land in MH2. The Rebel rescue team will use Secure COMMS to talk to the Jedi who has acquired communications from either the sympathiser or a dead body. They will meet up and try to return to either to MH1 where the prisoner escort is still parked and/or their own dropship, or to MH2 if that was the LZ.

Part 3 – Escaping Ship or Ultimate Death

All Troopers will be authorised to do what is necessary to stop the Rebel Escape Blowing up the ship should be last resort. This allows either side to obtain a victory if they get to the ship. If the Jedi is taken down then all Rebels are to fight to the death.

The Commodore can post updates of location over voice and if the dropship with Jedi escapes then they can authorise TIEs to try and take down the ship. Any dead rebels at this point may be given X wings to escort. The event ends with either the X wings and dropship being destroyed or the TIEs being eradicated.

Part 4 – Debrief

Firstly, any information from the interrogation will be given to the Commodore, General, etc. This will hopefully with permission contain the details on an off-ship event either that day or later, even possibly being included in a Campaign.

Admin/EM Text – All Personnel to Debrief. [Repeated over 5 mins.] Commodore will call Debrief too.

At debrief a rundown on the event will be given [depends on outcome]. The info from interrogation will be shared either by Commodore or Highest Ranked ISB on. Commendations will be given to any strongly performing regiments. CMDR+ will be offered the ability to comment on any good or bad aspects regarding the event about how troops acted. Then Commanders+ will be given the chance to PM Commodore for ST promotions. Debrief will be dismissed and Event will be over.



·        The Prison Ship can leave any point after 5 mins from landing. They can request “This is Prisoner Transport P-1472 requesting clearance to take off from MH1. Code 45.”

·        If the Jedi is still alive and a rebel is on their last life they can surrender. They will be executed at Debrief. If the Jedi dies then it’s a fight to the death.

·        Fleet have permission, if ship escapes, to use weapon systems. [EM will launch meteors at ship or shoot them with powerful guns, suggestion that they are prisoner transport pilot and/or his guard.]


Off-Ship Event

General Idea: Intel has been received that 3 high ranking officers have been captured by a Rebel Spec-ops team and are being kept hostages in Mos Mesric. Imperial forces will attempt to rescue the high-ranking officers.

Ideal Server Population: 60+ people

Event Characters (12);

  • 3 High Ranking Officers (Fleet, MHC preference), Even better if existing Fleet and MHC are willing to change names for event so models don’t need to be applied to EMs.
  • 6 Rebel Spec-ops Members, equip with explosives, cloaking and powerful weapons. Modelled after Bounty Hunter, Wookie, etc models, but part of the Rebel Regiment. They will have 6K HP. All respawns will be normal rebels with boosted HP of 4K.
  • 2 Rebel Officers (Non-spec-ops), they will be modelled after Rebel Officers/ generals. Equip with powerful handgun. HP set to 5K, will either be captured or future respawns and EMs/staff will fly X and Y wings.
  • A lot of Rebel NPCs dotted in groups around Mos Mesric.
  • EM in charge as High General, Grand Admiral or Deputy Director


Run-down of Event

Part 1 – Briefing

[All Personnel to Debrief]

Grand Admiral, High General or Deputy Director (ISB) will lead the operation. Depends on who the highest rank is for MHC, Fleet or ISB. This EM needs to be the highest rank for their regiment.

“We have received intel that three high ranking (Fleet, Military or ISB) have been captured by a Rebel Spec-Ops Team and are being handed off to two High Ranking Rebel Officers in the City of Mos Mesric on Tatooine. We will be landing on the outskirts at an Imperial Outpost. Regiments will be given special assignments by their respective Commanders (or the EM if Commanders are un-available)”

Regimental Orders

·        This will only happen if the regiment is active.

·        442nd Siege Battalion will be tasked with besieging the Rebel Stronghold. 212th can help reinforce those defences.

·        31st Demolitions will at a later point will be tasked with explosive defusal.

·        IC, SC, etc. will be given advanced recon duties as well as setting up ambushes.

·        Shadow Troopers, SCAR and other cloaking units will try and approach Rebel Stronghold to report location of prisoners, etc.

·        Medics, ISB, Fleet, MHC will set up in the Imperial Outpost. EMs will place dupes if needed.

·        Shock, Nova, RT, Naval Guard can set up Outpost defences.

·        Pilots/ Inferno Squad can gain air superiority.

·        Attack Regiments are given free reign but must not attack unless given orders.

·        Jump Troopers can also do aerial surveillance.


All Troops will be advised to line up in MH1 for planetary landing.

[Swap to Mos Mesric Map]

Part 2 – Mos Mesric

EMs and Admins will help place dupes, TIES, NPCs, etc. As well as Media Player.

When enough people are active then the event will start. The EM in charge will call for regiments to begin their assignments. Recon first, followed by the main force advancing on the town. Besiegement will then begin, and fortification will occur. At this point it will be deduced that many of the alleyways and streets have been trip mined, 31st will then be tasked with explosive containment.

Meanwhile, the Rebel Spec-Ops Leader will be talking to the Rebel Officers about exchange. They will get messages stating that Imperial Force has been sighted and is converging on the Stronghold. The Spec-Ops team will have bombs in a small room with the prisoners, and basically a Deadman’s switch so negotiations are forced.

This will be broadcast by voice that the Rebels have the prisoners and have rigged the cell to explode if any attack occurs. Either by a EM as the Rebels or by the EM leading the Event. It is up to the decision of Fleet, ISB and MHC if negotiations occur or if a stealth mission is authorised.

1.      Negotiations will occur between the Rebels and a chosen Imperial delegate. (Officers only). Demands will be made, this will be up to the Rebel Officers (be reasonable). The Imperial Delegation should accept this as the VIPs will be Admirals, Generals or high ISB members.

However, once the VIPs are secured and safe, conflict can occur. Any requested ships will be blown up on their arrival.

2.      An additional task for the Stealth Regiments is to try and sneak in. [No NPCs are to be inside the Stronghold.] They need to try and extract the prisoners from the bomb laden room and call for an attack. Conflict will start, hopefully no VIPs are killed and are kept safe.

Any killed Rebels will be spawned in 2 more times as normal troops. The Rebel Officers are to be captured if possible. If they die they will help the EMs with fighting back with X and Y wings.

The event ends when the VIPs are returned to the Outpost. If all the die then an evacuation will be called. E.g. “We have been outnumbered by the Rebels and they have eliminated the prisoners. All troopers back to the Outpost for evacuation.”

[Swap back to SD]

Part 3 – Debrief

Admin/EM Text – All Personnel to Debrief. [Repeated over 5 mins.] EM in charge will call Debrief too. Wait 5 mins from map change to allow most players to get on.

At debrief a rundown on the event will be given [depends on outcome]. If a Rebel Officer/General is captured they may be interrogated off ship and will be executed on ship at debrief.

Commendations will be given to any strongly performing regiments. CMDR+ will be offered the ability to comment on any good or bad aspects regarding the event about how troops acted. Then Commanders+ will be given the chance to PM Commodore for ST promotions. Debrief will be dismissed and Event will be over.


·        The Rebels can eliminate prisoners if they deem the Imperials too close and if those forces refuse to back off.

·        The EM in charge can call off further Rebel ship spawns if the VIPs are in the Outpost. Same with spawning any new NPCs.

·        If the VIPs die then a lot of ships and NPCs may be spawned to confirm the comment that the Imperial force is overwhelmed.


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This looks like you put a lot of effort into it and also it's quite well thought out, Of course some things could be improved but overall it's a pretty solid application.
I haven't seen much from you in-game but from what I have seen you are a well rounded member of the community so you have my +1 Support.

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Hi there Simmo,

I havent seen you on the server a lot, and have seen you being very responsible as a 442nd Commander and this application is pretty detailed and shows us what events you might have in-store for us users and have also noticed that you are pretty active within the server and have decided to give you a +1


Good luck on getting Event master mate ;)


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I think Simmo is a really good person to hang around with, I have also had a chat with him about all the possibilities of events I had a few but he had so many more so what I think is he would be a great EM. It also looks like he really wants to be a EM because his EM app is so long which mean he must have put a lot of mind into it. 

I going to have to give Simmo a big fat


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I see simmo on IG almost everyday, he is a pretty chill dude that is a great commander. I will be giving you a NEUTRAL because in my opinion you don't like to follow direct orders and can get very annoyed (IN RP).

Good luck on your app :D

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Thanks for the feedback. I do need to improve some of my RP elements its true. Its a long story why I get annoyed in RP but I do need to chill with a few things. 

Alter I would like to add that I have been reasonably active and have an average of 5-7 hours per day on the server, something that will increase my playtime. In regards to never being an EM before it isn't the only deciding factor, it's also the quality of my events, activity levels and reputation. This is how people become EMs for the first time, because they are seen as an asset. 

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3 minutes ago, FrenchyFries said:

+1 I'm liking the events the ideas not all to ambitious but are well kept and would exceed with help. Good player and has played a good part in Rp before he'd be a good addition to Gusky's collection.

Appreciate the feedback, I'm happy to improve them, and I do have a few other events I'm writing because I want to. I'd be happy to share them when I finish to see if they seem more ambitious. 


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8 hours ago, TheAwesomeSimmo said:

Appreciate the feedback, I'm happy to improve them, and I do have a few other events I'm writing because I want to. I'd be happy to share them when I finish to see if they seem more ambitious. 

Dont try to make events too ambitious. Ambitious events end up failing because they are too hard to actually make or fail because they are too hard to control.

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6 hours ago, FrenchyFries said:

Dont try to make events too ambitious. Ambitious events end up failing because they are too hard to actually make or fail because they are too hard to control.

They aren't too complicated, just a little different to what we are use to I think. They shouldn't be hard to run, just more unique.

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+1 for the following:

  • Loyal, mature & calm
  • Active
  • Events are somewhat unique, with the second one being disfavourable, in my opinion

You are a good player, and I believe you would make a good EM, the only thing you might need to work on is being too controlling at times.

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