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Vote for new map - Starwars

Vote for new map  

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  1. 1. Which map would you like the new default map to be

    • A land map (e.g Bases built on land, large areas, more then 1 level)
    • A spaceship map (e.g updating the star destroyer to build onto it with map makers)

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king sbury are u owner of imperial gaming? if not then don't reply I am not here for u

this already is a pathetic imperial gaming

So being a map maker myself You screwed yourself here son...

1. lord.trilobite will only have grounds to have an editted map removed he cannot sue or gain from it

2. if you learn to read there is NO mention of editting a map without owners permission

3. They are asking for A vote on their own custom map

4. any screenshots you may see here are nothing but references to what could be added to THEIR own map


Also if you go and read the U.S copyright agreement paperwork or in fact any countries forms for the copyright agreement you will soon understand that any copyright materials MUST be labelled with a logo or a form of Substance that states its copyrighted as well as you must pay a hefty fee to have it copyrighted, I see no such thing therefore your comments are invalid and you should educate yourself before trying to attack a community pursuing their own greatness.

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Marcus, are you not the one who re-uploaded our custom model on workshop then got slammed by us as we already had it on the workshop and had it taken down, And you were then banned off our servers.

Another one is that your palpatine model was falsely advertised as a Playermodel to start off with and someone even stated that and your response was shhhh http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882076765


Also your addon packs if not all of your work are going against it as well:

  • Avoid uploading packs - Unless they're all your work. A pack of your maps is fine. A pack of maps you found that you think are cool is not fine. A pack of your weapons are fine. A pack of cool weapons you downloaded is not fine. You should use Workshop collections instead.

Taken from https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Steam_Workshop_Rules


Finally I find it very funny how you have come over to us speaking of copyright and acting all mighty when you yourself attempted to steal our model, then got hit by us for stealing it and was taken down. You have made yourself look like a giant asshole infront of every imperial gaming member. If I were you I would consider stop making yourself look like a asshole. 




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1 hour ago, [RØTE] RE's Marcus said:

if no pic to prove , then he will do action not me , but remember , don't mess with the content owner , you will get pay for breaking the law  to BrewedDaily



Everyone is allowed to use addons you upload - Steam Workshop is not your personal file hosting, it is a distribution service for your mods and the like. By uploading your addons to Steam Workshop you agree that anyone can download and use your uploaded content, anyone is allowed to edit it (though not redistribute it without your consent, edited or not). You can't say "you are not allowed to use this addon on your server" or similar things. Adding code that would stop people from using your addon on their servers falls into the Malicious Code category.


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kosmos , I realized that I am done with this shit , but honestly if u accept this agreement for our server , like if u adopte it , I won't come back or say shit anymore , also , the map I making is 20 %copy 80% custom make,  we gonna change everything on the map I have , so yeah dont worry about it 

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Alright mate let me tell you this straight, No cares what you have to say absolutely no one. This just getting annoying and spamming a thread which should have only been devoted to voting for a custom map we are having. I mean you wish to still have this pointless argument make another thread about it and stop spamming this one. 

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1 minute ago, [RØTE] RE's Marcus said:

king sbury are u owner of imperial gaming? if not then don't reply I am not here for u

This is a public section of the forum, Expect people to reply. People outside of the community cannot tell members when they can or cant post.

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