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Mirror's Trial-Moderator Application

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11 hours ago, Lynx said:

How have you not been accepted with 23+ up votes???
@Trident - Verdict requested.

Thanks, my good friend. Either way it's probably not the best time because of my recent hand injury that @Trident is well aware of. All in good timing Lynx. Patience, that's all.

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Mirror's Trial-Moderator Application   Steam Name: Mirror ImageSteam ID: STEAM_0:0:70910070In game name and rank: DT Sergeant 73-03 MirrorTime Played: 1w, 3d, 14h (Approximately)Why are you

-1 I have never even seen you....

That's unusual, I've seen you quite a bit around the Server. Thanks for the feedback though 

+1 Good player, obviously knows what he is doing and a well known player to the community

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