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Direx Resignation

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Hey server,

I am resigning from the position of Moderator and DT CMDR. If you do see me on the server anyone I won't be able to help you. I have been playing on imperial gaming for a while now and always done my best to support the community. It seems I am no longer needed by the server (or a few individuals) and have lost my interest in Garry's Mod. But my time has come and it is time to say my goodbye. This may be a shock to many of you that I am leaving the server but it is for the best.



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It is not uncommon to lose interest in a game, but I believe that the feeling of not being wanted is not warranted. You indeed are wanted and are significant part of our community. I would personally call you a good workplace mate. But, you have made a decision and it is of your own accord that you follow through with it.

I personally thank you for your service as Moderator for Imperial Gaming and Death Trooper Commander. Thank you for being there when Death Troopers was in shambles and for helping the server in a staffing position. I wish you the very best of luck.

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You will be missed by all, I didn't get to personally meet you but by reading all the replies it seems you were loved by the community!

May your future be great to you my friend.


- 212th Corporal Poptop

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