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Arrow (Cold Pocket)'s Moderator Application

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Steam Name: Cold Pocket

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:124073303

In game name and rank: Arrow, ST or SG idk

Time Played: Like 40 minutes

Why are you applying for this position?: I would like to bring justice and fairness to this server.

How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us: I will donate my time to help this server strive to be the best it can be. I will destroy the minges and keep the ship in tip top shape. I will make sure no one litters or swears. This is serious rp so I will make sure no one is out of character. I will be on all the time. I am like an owl, I can turn my head all the way around so I can see everything. I know all the faces so I can teach new players. I like to help them.

Have you been a Staff on previous servers if so please list them: I have been staff on a minecraft server, it had a constant player count of 10 people.

Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: I am currently banned but will be unbanned soon. Me and Vader are working things out.

What can you bring to Imperial Gaming: Time, Power, Players, Justice, Knowledge, Disney Channel Flow, Money, Girls, Food, Dogs, A Trampoline (its a small one though)

Anything else you would like to add: I have skype and discord, Thanks

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