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Triton, Temp Ban/Warn

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Player Name: Naval Guard [10] Triton

Date: 02/08/17

Reliable Witness's:

                                    - Queball

                                    - Crims

                                    - Tarkin

                                    - Leonidas

What Happened: 

                              -  Ok so what happened with Triton was it all started off with fun and games, mucking around after hours and having some fun yeah a few people did get killed. The part where i got fed up is when everyone asked him to stop, and what did he do? he got worse;

                                    - Spawn Killing ST's

                                    - Running Around Mass RDM'ing

                                    - Cuff Abuse

                                    - RDM'ing

                                    - Spawn Killing When Planes where spawned it

                                    - General Mingyness


I went in chat, "Triton I Am Warning You Now, Stop Or I Will Be Escalating This And Getting Staff Involved"

Triton Acknowleged my notice and still proceed to do the exact same thing, This player either needs to be Temp Banned (A Couple Of Days) or Recieve A warning and a talking to by a staff member. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefull the issue can be resolved



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1 hour ago, pinejack said:

It would be very useful to include his steam ID in the report....

-1 until some proof is provided.



8 hours ago, Morgan said:

I mean since staff witnessed it he probably is gonna get banned but for future reference make sure to have evidence because without it the report wouldn't get very far.

 I understand where you are coming from but atm the only reliable proof i have is the witness's mentioned above who are all very reliable, and 1 is a moderator and one is a EM

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