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Pugsfordayz Trial Moderator Application

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Steam Name: pûgśfõrdãÿš 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:163886415

 IGN: Sam

Rank: ISB,Constable

Time Played: 3 days 35 mins

Why are you applying for this position?: I want to apply because i never see any staff and would really like to help the server.

How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us: I have lots of staff experience and would love to help the server.

Have you been a Staff on previous servers if so please list them: I have been staff on 3 other servers

i have been staff on A old sandbox server that is down i was staff on brace gaming before it died and i have been staff on a server called strybo's rp

i was a super admin on the sandbox server moderator on brace gaming

Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: i have no warnings

What can you bring to Imperial Gaming: i can bring staff experience and knowing commands i also know some of the staff  
Anything else you would like to add: I know i haven't written much but i do have lots of experience 

I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.


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Playtime is very low, there are many grammatical errors and a very small amount of content that can be used by the Imperial Gaming staff.

I understand that you have had a lot of staffing experience but we will need more evidence of your capabilities to consider you becoming a Trial Moderator for Imperial Gaming. What you have provided is not enough.

Furthermore, Imperial Gaming has a lot of moderating staff as of currently  (I am curious to why you do not see many staff) so it is unlikely that Trial Moderator applications will be considered for a reasonable period of time.

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Im going to keep my response short and sweet, although you are a reasonably good within RP aspects:

-1 Reasons:

  • Very Low Playtime
  • Not Known Well Enough (Both On The Forums And In Game)
  • Application Was Very Short And Was Not Filled Out With Extensive Detail
  • Application Shows That Not Enough Time Was Put Into Its Creation, We Want Server Staff Who Show They Are Willing To Put In A Lot Of Effort And Time


Positive Notes:

  • Seen You Perform Well With RP
  • 0 Warnings
  • No Issues Involving You That I Am Aware Of


I Believe if you work on those things listed above and come back with a higher playtime (Min usually around 1-2 weeks) and make yourself more known then you may infact stand a good shot, but however as stated above for now i am going to have to give the application a -1



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Sam, your application severely lacks information and detail you have quite a low playtime and most people dont know who you are.

I suggest to get involved with the community, get yourself out there more, so you become well known and trustworthy.

I also suggest increasing your playtime on the server and if this application gets denied and you re-apply, take time on your future app. A good application with strong points and correct grammar/spelling can really make a difference to getting accepted or denied.

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-1 You are still very new to the community, don't have a lot of time on the server and as far as I am aware, the moderator team on the server is basically full. I think that you need to work on getting more well known around the community along with putting in a bit more effort into the application.

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I know sam, hes a chill guy. 

No detail or effort put in.

dont know what your seeing but i see staff on all the time.

if you wanted to REALLY help, you would apply for EM, help the wounded, not the healed.

mods are overflowing, hence why this app is going to most likely stay here for a while, like all the other ones.

your very new to the community. Get yourself known.

please fix your grammatical errors. Needs More playtime.

your terms and conditions are the longest part of your app.

You say you would like to help yet you offer no techniques on how you will do so.

you were staff on 2 sandbox server and one rp server. I would only count the ro server as real experience.


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