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Imperial Gaming 2022 Anniversary Awards Results

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Hello Imperial Gaming

Thank you to everyone who turned out to the last IG awards night

Results of the night have been posted below

Award 1

Trooper of the Year

1st - Birdie

2nd - Strix

3rd - Zaranora

Award 2

Nicest Member of the Year

1st - Junior

2nd - Birdie

3rd - Jones

Award 3

Commander of the Year

1st - Renegade

2nd - Birdie and Nemtrak

Award 4

Branch of the Year

1st - Army


3rd - Navy

Award 5

Regiment of the Year

1st - SCAR

2nd - 501st

3rd - Navy

Award 6

Funniest Member of the Year

1st - Birdie

2nd - Binny and Yazov

3rd - Zdof and Zaranora

Award 7

New Member of the Year

1st - Birdie

2nd - Vortex

Award 8

Staff Member of the Year

1st - Junior

2nd - Jones

3rd - Fire

Award 9

Event Master of the Year

1st - Storm

2nd - Veteran 

3rd - Sassy

Award 10

Developer of the Year

1st - Fire

2nd - Vanilla

3rd - Banks

Award 11

Lore Character of the Year

1st - Vader (Galle) and Tarkin (Alystair)

2nd - Tarkin (Queball)

Award 12

PAC3 User of the Year

1st - Lime

2nd - Binny and Mauler

Award 13

Minge of the Year

1st - Bibleman

2nd - Relish

3rd - Zdof

Award 14

Recruit Trainer of the Year

1st - Teekay

2nd - Birdie 

3rd - Dusty

Award 15

Leader of the Year

1st - Galle 

2nd - Yazov and Birdie

3rd - Hades

Award 16

High Command Member of the Year

1st - Fire

Award 17

Screenshot of the Year

1st - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/775978700524224535/1051424081079189504/20200418192114_1.png

Award 18

Most Active Member of the Year

1st - Strix

2nd - Veteran

3rd - Birdie

Award 19

Role-Player of the Year

1st - Ganner

2nd - Ardat

3rd - Birdie

Award 20

User of the Year

1st - Birdie

2nd - Sully

3rd - Renegade

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