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The Queen is Dead


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Queen Elizabeth II, who has died aged 96, became through the course of her long reign not only the oldest sovereign in the country’s history but also its longest serving.


The 42nd of a line of kings and queens of first England, then Britain, then the United Kingdom, since William the Conqueror, she was also the sixth queen-sovereign of England and the fourth of the UK. In addition, she was queen and head of state of 15 other countries, stretching from Fiji, Australia and New Zealand to the Bahamas and Canada, all once part of the former British empire. She was for seven decades head of the Commonwealth, whose 54 countries comprise 2.1 billion people, a third of the globe’s population.


The queen's legacy is far and reaches over the globe and she's undoubtedly inspired how people approach role play on imperial gaming. I hope that all of you can be respectful about this titan of a historical figure and help her immediate family, King Charles, Harry, Prince Andrew and Kate Middleton morn her passing.

Id like to request the engineers build a memorial to the queen on the ISD to honour her legacy, she's undoubtedly effected everyone here and thus effected the quality of roleplay produced ever since the server was founded.


image.png.ddcc5ef78d32ab93bd4276ae24f55052.pngo7 to the queen, You will be missed by Imperial Gaming. 



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I thought this was going to be a thread appreciating The Smiths' 1986 classic album, disappointing


On 9/9/2022 at 5:07 PM, dingleberry said:

The Smiths reference

damnit my berry buddy with the self titled cover DP beat me to it

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