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Lynk Introduction


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Hello i´m lynk, I joined around mid 2020/2021. 

My first character name was Osiris, imperial gaming was my first server I ever played when I started playing Gmod. My intentions
were to minge and honestly really try to fuck around and break every single rule but that didnt really happen after I was trained by teekay
even though I was really mingy.

My first regiment I joined was the ISC, I joined a squad which I totally forgot the name of but I was in the regiment for only a week or so before I got kicked out
for constant mingy ( crashed into bridge, opened fire on the bridge, shot the shield generators and constant crashing of ties ) . I also had a issue with the 107th,
constantly murdering/attempting murder of random people . My rudeness and slight racism at the start got me into trouble.

However it started to change after I was going to get rfa´ed by teekay ( my recruiter ) who gave me a choice, either I join Riot Company as Gandalf needed members or I get rfa´ed,
I was looking for a regiment to fuck around again but that all changed and it had a big impact on me as I´ve learned new things and stopped with the majority of the minging even though
I still do but the bad parts are gone now.

Soon after I took on the name of Lynk and continued my journey from there.

And here I am now lol

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