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Arkas' Trial-Moderator Application

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Steam Name: Ricards3

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52654113

In game name and rank: RST High Colonel  -  Arkas

Time Played: 2 weeks & 1 day+ on Imperial Gaming SWRP and 2175hrs+ on Garry's Mod (as of 07/08/17) -- with minimal AFK time.

Why are you applying for this position?: I am applying for the position of Trial Moderator; I feel that I can help the community by utilising just and fair moderation as well as quick, efficient and accurate guidance to any issue that arises.

How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us: Allowing me to be apart of the Imperial Gaming Staff Team would reduce the workload from the rest of the staff team, allowing for Administrators to deal with high priority tasks. With the experience I’ve accumulated from previous administrative positions, I have learned critical skills that will help me deal with vexatious players who have no regards for the rules. Taking into consideration, not all rule-breakers are minges; I would incorporate discretion into letting every person learn instead of being directly punished, giving them a chance to role play. Within this position I would be able to help educate and ensure this behaviour doesn't happen again. As a staff member, I will not be biased towards anyone or discriminate based on gender, age or affiliation.

Have you been a Staff on previous servers if so please list them:

Server - Position - More information

  • Maximum Gaming DarkRP - Trial Moderator - Maximum Gaming was a DarkRP server that shut down about two years ago, I don't remember my playtime as it was a long, long time ago but it was my first Garry's Mod server that I invested my time into.
  • Fade Gaming DarkRP - Administrator - Fade Gaming was a popular Australian DarkRP server that had about 50 players on all the time, I accumulated about 3-4 weeks play time; with the server still providing custom maps for different servers like Poseidon it was where a lot of good history and memories I have made.
  • Galaxy Gaming SantosRP - Co-Owner - David Galaxy, as he was known, took me up on an opportunity to create a server for ourselves, after we both played on Fade Gaming and got to know each other we started a SantosRP server. First, it started slowly with using a custom version of SantosRP that was made by hired developers. The server didn't work too well so after a month of rest, David finally got bought the official game mode modification which in a few weeks we became the first Australian SantosRP with 40 daily players. The server has now been shut-down, but through the experience, we ended creating a network of Breach, SantosRP and TTT.

(List is limited to Garry's Mod)

Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: I have one warning for "Spawning in props", the warning was given to me by Dragz two and a half months ago (6/05/17). The situation was that I was roleplaying with a Navy Engineer about having a broken control panel at the old Star Destroyer Bridge Checkpoint, it was that I placed down an emitter to emulate sparks coming out of the machine and I didn't officially ask permission.

What can you bring to Imperial Gaming: Everyone who enjoys playing on the Imperial Gaming SWRP daily  benefits from having an active and responsive staff team; and I believe that I can help fulfill that expectation by being responsive to calls, unbiased and always continue to learn from my experience to continue to better fill my role.

Anything else you would like to add: I would like to conclude by saying that by being an active member of this community I can be a valuable asset to Imperial Gaming as aforementioned in the rest of the application. Please do feel free to leave any feedback and constructive criticism to help me improve to be better.

I, Arkas Pronto, accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.

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- Active

- Loyal To Reg

- Staff Experience



- App Needs More Detail

- Had Bad Past Experiences

                  > Rudeness

- Playtime Could Be Higher





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Arkas, your application is extremely detailed and has a lot of effort put into it, you have quite a lot of experience in moderating however I think that you need to up your playtime + get involved in the community more.

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+1 I think that Arkas would make a great addition to the staff team on the server but I still think that he needs to get a bit more involved within the community. Good luck.

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Neutral. You have a little bit of a temper, but you run your troopers really well, being strict and respectful. In this app, even though it was detailed, the content was kinda lacking. I kinda wanna know if you decided to look at any of the accepted apps for great references to the abilities to write down your personal traits into the Application. This is because the first reason of you becoming Staff is, to reduce work load is just a given, and not a benefit that uniquely comes with your characteristics. "I would incorporate discretion into letting every person learn instead of being directly punished" though this sounds like a great idea, sharing knowledge to reduce future problems. In retrospect a chance to role-play isn't always a priority in situations that need to involve a Mod's Input at a very moments notice. Removing and quarantining problems is sometimes the best cause of occasions, with repeat offenders and attention seekers, justly proving a need for direct punishment. At the end of the day, people learn best, when the voice they hear is familiar, and the tasks they are given are true and just. If you can improve your impressions with many on the server, you voices can appear more worth while to listen too, and you may find people will listen you even if it doesn't concern them. These are the people could act as the directly influenced Users who inform new players (not all rule-breakers are minges) of what they are doing is wrong, that you will be caught, and the punishments can be such and such. These active Users can also become the people that shout "Salute" amongst the nearby Troopers of any rank, when a Admiral comes up behind a group of people talking in the hallway. And in saying the good decisions these people are making, semi because you influence them yourself, that become 1 week playing time later, the new good Material for T-Mod applicants.


Edit this app, and in the 2nd question, talk about some of the characteristics that describe you as a person, and relate this to examples of the critical skills you have learnt from previous administrative positions you have had on other servers. Reference the servers themselves on the other question, but what the skills is, how you learnt it, how it can change outcomes or how it is too be taught. Make the Change and I think you'll get some change from others, and definitely my +1 if it is sufficient.

Though is good sign you have written this app, and made it very apparent that you are committed to learning and bettering yourself, which makes me think you are here for the long term. 150% effort bro


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Thank you all for the responses and feedback, whether it was good or bad, I have taken into consideration when I am playing the provided feedback and adjusted my play style accordingly -- mostly to be calmer and more helpful.


_ BUMP _

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