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June Community Update

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I hope everyone had a good Star Wars day (or month) and is now well an truely into the Kenobi series. This month, we plan to rollout the timeline changes which many of you voted on not so long ago. This will be done in two parts, the first of which will be the timeline progression, which will see us pass through the epsiode 5 & 6 periods, and spend a brief time in the remnant era. Secondly, we will be reverting the timeline back before the events of Rogue One. Thank you to @Jman1308and his team for planning and detailing these events. 

Completed Changes:

  • Star Wars Universe
  • TFA Rebalance (Partial Completion)
    •  Thanks to @FireCup, all the weapons on the server have been evaluated. Previously idle features like damage dropoff, have been utilisied, such that shotguns can now be used at their intended range without damage compensation. Addtionally, weapons have been balanced against eachother and their intended regiment. This new changes will be fully rolled out over the coming week or so.

  • Engineer Fortifications Datapad

    • Added new & buffed existing fortifications

  • Blackmarket Adjustments
    • Dioxis Grenade has been slightly buffed, Nerve Gas replaced Dioxis Grenade in the Blackmarket with same damage values
    • Command Staff = $ 100,000 Credits
    • Operations = $ 75,000 Credits
    • Military Security = $ 75,000 Credits
    • Dioxis Swapped for Fex-M3-A Nerve Gas Grenade.
  • Regimental & Branch Changes
    • Imperial Administration duties folded into the Imperial Navy
    • 439th Medical Troopers (Army) ---> Imperial Naval Medics (Navy) - Slots (6)
    • Purge Troopers - Slots (4) from (6)
    • Added CompForce - Slots (4)
    • Imperial Security Bureau - Slots (6) from (10)
    • Inferno Squad - Slots (4) from (5) - ID-10 Seeker Droid 'Dio' removed
    • Death Troopers - Slots (8) from (10)


  • TFA optimisation
  • Augment optimisation
  • Fixed squad voice comms
  • New climbswep HUD
  • Fixed event placing board


Upcoming Changes:

  • Timeline Changes
    •  We're moving forward to play out the event of Episode 5 & 6 before reverting to back to the pre Rogue One era. See above for further details.

  • ISD Update
    •  Lord Trilobite has been working on a lot fo external features to the ISD Map this update. These include;

      • 20+ Hyperspace locations

      • Additional fleet options (Light Cruisers, Gozantis, and more!)

      • Space station hyperspace location (Landable)

      • Shipyard hyperspace location

      • Rogue one era Death Star option

      • Additional checkpoint outside the brig

      • New lounge area near to recruit room

    • Please see below for pictures on just some of the many changes!













  • Ship Vendor
    • @Vanilla has been working on the ship requistion entity mentioned last month. As the name implies, this will allow certain RP roles to obtain ships without the need to put in a ticket. There is also a plan to add a restocking function to this, to provide more RP for other regiments.unknown.png
  • Bounty Hunter Panel
    • @Vanilla is working on a new panel where players can see active bounty hunters and place hits. As this panel acts as a middle man, bounty hunters will only get paid if the hit is complete.


As always, I encourage questions and feedback, and I will endeavour to do my best to provide clarity to any of your concerns. Massive thanks to all the developers for their continued work and commitment to the server. 




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