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My Return (OLD)


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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman.

I Have departed IG for quite a while now and pursued other things while I have been gone. I have taken a break from GMOD and RP as a whole but as you all know one can never truly leave it's like an addiction that keeps drawing you in, Anyways here is some Moments i've had, It's good to be back

Full Credit goes to Rainz for the Videos. 

While I was gone I was given the Delight to become a Admin on Another Server and been given the Commander of Shock (Bit of Backstory). I Joined the Server for only a few days and they had given out applications for a CO Position for Shock seeming as I had came from IG and I had a lot of Knowledge I thought I'd give it a go surely enough with all my experience I was accepted as they needed someone sure enough I had begun the Redemption of Shock and soon enough we were the most feared and respected and best regiment on the entire server for months on end until I sadly departed due to IRL Commitments. You wonder why I didn't return well I had done what I Set out to do and I got a Fresh prospective on another server but I always remember the OG IG and where it all began so I have come back to stay for a bit and see how I go once more. 

Im very thankful for all the opportunity the other server has given me and I hope all is well @s8ncaat if this is actual S8N The Opportunity I was given will always be looked up upon ^_^ P.S You're still never allowed back into Shock again 


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