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Well we all know that this is a pressing topic and discussion within the community. That is the return or the expansion of Lore characters on the server.
Now I am aware that a post was made by Jman a few months back talking about the return of Lore characters and who would be the mostly likely to return. The poll on that post was received with high praise with many voters, but the consensus within management and higher staff is that it is "Complicated" probably referring to how that affects certain systems and proceedings for Regiments, Departments and Branches. Another factor being which hasn't really been cared about since lore characters first popped up in 2017, killing one and the punishments and RP which could come to an end or just be left to nothing because of that.

We all know that everyone has an instance where they met (Insert Lore Character Here) and had a memorable experience, which is usually has some minginess within it, but Lore characters is what  we've seen as the thing people come to SWRP servers to see mainly. For instance, you dont just join star wars gmod RP community server just to see space or a hallway its to see the guys from the movies (and some of the ships too, Navy...) which is what people usually strive to see or even become.

Within the past of IG the process of becoming or getting a Lore character role has changed in nearly every instance of someone getting it, and it mainly also comes down to position on the server (Mainly Staff) with some exemptions for certain users that became those roles. In nearly every instance the individual created RP and also had fun (to an extent) as well have fun with others. We should not throw away such culture to become the straight copy and paste from the real Military, and if you wanted to do that then start up a military server I'm sure it will be so much fun.

With that my topic comes to a close...

I can be the emperor guys, I can do the voice. I know the lore [ :) ] and I am a well behaved and liked member within the community. I am unbiased and choose to stay within the path of neutrality unless I need to put my foot down. I'm like the best candidate (sorry Queball).
So guys vote for me for Emperor 2022 and I will be something...


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3 hours ago, AlphaPineapple said:


Even just as a second character this would be amazing!

We've seen how Vader brings back the player pop, imagine the Emperor...

says it all really.

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+1 Not sure about well behaved but it would be a good laugh having veteran as emperor. I do agree too that lore characters are definitely a good thing for a ‘star wars’ role-play to have!

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Lore Characters give so much Nostalgia for other players just seeing them and knowing one day you could be your own very cool very epic fat Toed Ninth Sister Sounds hot :very_nice:

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