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goblins unban request

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In-game alias: goblin

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123656506

When was the ban: 2-3 Months ago

How long is the ban: Permanent 

Which admin banned you: Cannot Remember

Explain the situation: I was playing on imperial rp, i was fairly new to garrys mod and rp when a man started yelling "PTS is active Smart-arses, next one who breaks it cops it" i didn't now what PTS was and my friend taught me the other day it means Permission to speak. So i asked the man what PTS was and i got banned for Disobeying admins and breaking pts. I understand what the admin thought when i sayed it because i may have seemed like i was being rude to him and making him waste him time.

Why you deserve a second chance: i think i should be unbanned because it was a simple mistake and i no what pts is not so it wont happen again :) i am very sorry if i ruined the event and it was a mistake

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I always scrunch up my face when High Staff threaten Demotion or Ban over PTS. "You are taking things way too serious, too much of any one thing is bad. Maybe you feel like you have to give out threats because you don't feel you're respected enough."


Un-ban the Guy, he did literally nothing wrong in the true scheme of things. AOS is over anything else, a Perma Ban is way worse than a Random PK or anything.

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To harsh, then again, I'm all about benefit of the doubt, it may of been compiled with other reasons, everything being situational for a Massive Perma
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