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Player Server Profile Information

In-Game Name (Most Identifiable): 


Steam Profile Link:

Time Played (UTime):
2 Weeks, 2 Days

Player History

Have you had any warnings in the past? If so, please list them:
One last year for racism - Bailey warned me for mentioning the name of a subreddit.

Have you had any bans in the past? If so, please list them:
One that was overturned - I left to EG and was banned when I returned by a former server owner.

Have you had any similar positions (Staff, PAC3, Developer) on other servers? If so, please list them:
Event Master - Empire Gaming (6-8 Months)
Event Master - Republic Gaming (3 Months)
Event Master - Fractal Gaming (1 Month)

Basic Reasoning Questions

Why should you be given this position over others?:
I am able to sink enough time into writing extensive, detailed events that involve most to all of the server. I like to tie "side mission" -esque parts of an event in to keep the sith / pilots happy, while at the same time prioritising the larger cohort.
I also am able to change the way passive roleplay happens within the server by doing the smuggler, trader and fighter group rp that builds to a bigger thing; providing specific groups with things to do during "downtime".

Why should you be trusted with this position? and do you believe others think of you with the same perspective?: 
I have the experience creating roleplay in and out of this role; creating things to keep people busy and happy.
I believe people around me here and on other servers would attest to my ability to fufil this role. 

Why are you applying for this position?:
The server is boring - the events being pumped out are good and the new operation format is engaging, though I believe more is needed.
I believe that returning to a doing 4pm event daily allows for us to build our playerbase and keep them engaged unmtil 6pm when the big event for the day happens.

Before we continue, anything else you’d like to add?:

Event Master Reasoning Questions

What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive?:
Side missions - giving each group their own separate objective that ties into the main event allows for us to avoid the issue of sith roe, isb having no roleplay or navy being bored shitless.
I think that those regiments that aren't event centric (IA for example) should volunteer to become ECs, providing Event Character groups woth preexisting cohesion and effectiveness.

Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OBI21Wra9GCAQuvVbZp0OG26ojtS8R6ObhtTjaNOqSI/edit (New Event crafted for this App)

Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GI922_cK0VDWxqF-jXbR4ZyG7LVg0ELcGR1ndHCvs6k/edit (Modified version of an old event)



Terms of Application

1. Application bumps are viable after a total of 7 days following the last bump/post. If the application is bumped prior to the minimum amount of days it is liable for denial.
2. Any member of the community is allowed to provide feedback by posting a “+1” or “-1” and can present evidence to support their vote. 
3. Advertisement of applications in any form, including but not limited to, in or out of character chat, discord, forum chatbox and teamspeak, will lead to an immediate termination and denial of the application.
4. Failing to answer questions will lead to the termination and denial of the application.
5. False information will lead to the termination and denial of the application.
6. Failing to meet the minimum requirements laid out by the template will lead to either the application being placed on a temporary hold until requirements are met, or it will be terminated and denied.
8. Knowledge of the ULX Commands are not essential when applying but it is recommended and preferred that applicants expand their knowledge prior to applying or while the application is active.

I, Cain, agree to the terms stated above and accept that if my application is successful, I am henceforth a representative of Imperial Gaming and will act maturely and responsibly. I accept and will respect the powers that are given unto me with my position. I will only use the power given to me to enhance the experience of the members of the community. I accept that any abuse of these privileges comes with the risk of termination from the staff team. I accept that I may be demoted at any given time without prior warning or valid reason. I, the applicant, am well aware of the server rules and to the best of my ability will uphold and enforce these rules.

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I have known Cain for several years, including overseeing him for much of his time as an event master, as well as numerous in-character positions. In that time, Cain has not only far and away proven himself a competent individual, but demonstrated an exceptional ability to create engaging, enjoyable roleplay for others. As an event master, his events are well thought out, and typically engage various elements of the server in unique ways that best suit their abilities, as opposed to a more one size fits all approach. None of this is even to speak of Cain's true talent, which is for Passive RP, striking the perfect balance between providing intriguing RP situations for players, whilst being exceptionally careful to not overstep any bounds, or box any players in, as can so often happen.

In short, Cain would make an incredible addition to the current EM team, and as a player I very much look forward to interacting with his enhanced RP.

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Let alone his experience in the past as a Event Master, the event that he has written are really good and planned out well.
My experiences on Empire Gaming & Fractal Gaming when he was on EM were brilliant, he would make a perfect fit for the Event Master Team.

Goodluck lad 

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Cain has been an Event Master as part of my Event Team so I can vouch for his skill and creativity. I believe the passion and dedication that you can apply to this position will make you a great addition to the team. With an in-depth understanding of running events but also making them enjoyable and including multiple different branches.

It's good to see you're still following my Event Structure as well

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