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The Return of the Dark one


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Hello everyone!


Some of you would've recognised me over the years under names such as:


Famously known as Goblin (That thing)

Currently Dave the GONK Droid


Been in every regiment imaginable, everything from Janitor of the storm troopers to the Shadow guard. (PS Shadow guard is just fancy emo shock)


It's been a good long while since I've been invested to visit a server let alone join a community again after the death of (Goblin)

So for the newbies who don't know me, I'm an Veteran star wars role player with 5000 hours in Garry's mod. Been playing this game for a long time now and seen many faces and servers come and go. I mostly don't fully roleplay as characters anymore but more just drift through the chaos and take any shit that come my way with a smile and laugh. I'm a really easy guy to get along with and most of my minging just turned into full chaos the older I got.  Although I'm not the same 16 year old I once was when this game mode came into existence with its planet to planet travel and just all out do what you want, with this lightsabre role play.

I will definitely call you out if you're being an absolute knob or I'll try my best to shove some death sticks down your throat with a hopefully successful roll on the server. 


But to summarise this all up, I'm here now for a good time and you can count on me to spice stuff up without all the (boot licking)


<3 you all and can't wait to resupply you ammo as the ship is crashing whilst dramatically screaming GONK!!!!!!



Also I make weird abstract art



Profile Picture for FB.jpg

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