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When Javier was 6, Shanks and the Red Hair Imperials stationed themselves in Foosha Village on Tatooine. While they were there, their sniper Yasopp frequently told Javier that he had a son his age named Usopp.[25] Javier wanted to join the Red Hair Imperials, and after they had been in the village for nearly a year, he stabbed himself under his left eye to prove he was tough enough to be an Imperial. [26]

Javier and the Red Hair Imperials then went to the Partys Bar, where Javier continued to get Shanks to let him join them unsuccessfully. He found the Gomu Gomu no Mi in a chest and ate it with his meal, not knowing what it was. As he did this, the mountain bandit Higuma and his gang entered the bar and demanded blue milk. The bartender Makino informed them that the Red Hair Imperials had consumed all the Blue Milk available, and when Shanks offered him the last bottle, Higuma smashed it against his head. Shanks only responded by cleaning up the mess, and Higuma abused him some more before leaving. Javier was outraged that Shanks did not retaliate, and Shanks grabbed his arm when he tried to leave, causing it to stretch. The Red Hair Imperials realized in shock that Javier had eaten the Force-Devil Fruit they took and revealed to Javier that he would never be able to swim for the rest of his life.[26]

The Red Hair Imperials later flew off, and Javier enjoyed his new rubber body. One day, he was sitting in the Partys Bar when Higuma's gang returned. Javier picked a fight with them, and they quickly overpowered him. Before Higuma could kill Javier, the Red Hair Imperials then arrived, and Lucky Roux shot one of the bandits that threatened them before Benn Beckman defeated the rest of Higuma's men by himself. However, Higuma threw a smoke bomb and escaped to space with Javier. There, he kicked Javier overboard, and a space King known as the Lord of the Space came and ate Higuma before going to eat Javier. However, Shanks then arrived and saved Javier before scaring away the space King; however, Javier was left deeply saddened due to Shanks having lost his left arm in the process of saving him. [26]

Later, the Red Hair Imperials prepared to depart Foosha Village for good, and Javier had decided that he would instead flew off on his own. Shanks teased him about being too weak, and Javier declared that he would become a strong Imperial and form a stronger crew than Shanks'. In response, Shanks gave Javier his straw hat, telling him to return it once he had become a great Imperial. [26]

Javier's New Family: Bandits and Brothers

After the Red Hair Imperials left, Garp took Javier to Mt. Colubo and placed him in the care of the mountain bandit Curly Dadan and the Dadan Family. He introduced Javier to Dadan's other ward Portgas D. Ace, but Ace was cold toward Javier.[27] Every day, Ace would travel away from the Dadan Family hideout, and Javier attempted to follow him. Ace would put obstacles in his path to stop him, but Javier continued following him.[28]

Eventually, Javier made it to Gray Terminal, where he found Ace counting money with a boy named Sabo. When Javier went up to them, Ace and Sabo captured him and talked about killing him to keep their secret safe. Porchemy of the Bluejam Imperials then came walking through the woods, and as Ace and Sabo hid from him, they left Javier to be captured. Porchemy took Javier to his base and interrogated him about the money Ace and Sabo had stolen from his crew. Javier refused to answer him, even when Porchemy nearly beat him to death with spiked gloves.[28] Ace and Sabo then came to the base and freed Javier, with Ace beating Porchemy.[29]

After this incident, Javier, Ace, and Sabo became friends and went on many adventures together, becoming known throughout the Goa Kingdom.[29] One day, they went to a restaurant in Goa and broke out without paying. As they ran away, a man called out to Sabo, though Sabo did not respond. After escaping the city, Javier and Ace forced Sabo to tell them who the man was. Sabo admitted that the man was his father and a member of Goa's nobility; he had run away from his family due to their preoccupation with maintaining their status. Javier, Ace, and Sabo then shared their dreams, deciding to fly off as Imperials to achieve them when they turned 17. They then exchanged sake cups to become sworn brothers, solidifying their bond.[30]

The three brothers continued adventuring and honing their abilities, with Javier struggling to attack properly with his Force-Devil Fruit. However, their time was cut short as Sabo's father had the Bluejam Imperials capture Javier and Ace to force Sabo to return to his family. Sabo agreed to return on the condition that the Bluejam Imperials do not harm Javier and Ace.[30] After Sabo left, Bluejam put Javier and Ace to work moving boxes around Gray Terminal. A few days later, Bluejam told the two brothers to help him burn down Gray Terminal that night. Javier and Ace refused, and Bluejam asked about the location of their treasure. They did not tell him, causing him to tie them to a pole in Gray Terminal.[31] As night fell, the Bluejam Imperials set Gray Terminal ablaze, and Ace managed to free himself and Javier as flames surrounded them. The Bluejam Imperials then confronted the duo with getting the location of their treasure, but Ace knocked most of them out with Force-Haoshoku Haki before the Dadan Family came to the rescue. Javier fled Gray Terminal with the Dadan Family, while Ace and Dadan stayed behind to fight Bluejam.[32]

The following day, Ace and Dadan returned to Mt. Colubo, heavily injured but alive. However, Dogra later told Javier and Ace that Sabo had been killed by a World Noble while setting out to space, leaving them devastated. Javier went to the coast and cried all night, and Ace came to him the next morning.[33] Javier made Ace promise that he would not die, swearing to become stronger. For the next seven years, the two continued adventuring and training to get stronger, with Javier learning to throw effective long-range punches with his stretching. A 14-year-old Javier then bid farewell to Ace, who flew out on an ISD as an Imperial upon turning 17. Three more years passed before Javier became a Imperial himself, and he bid farewell to the Dadan Family before going to Foosha Village to say goodbye and fly off.[34] When the Lord of the Space emerged to confront him, Javier punched it away with Force-Gomu Gomu no Pistol. As he flew off, Javier plotted to recruit ten crewmates, get a Jolly Roger, and become the Imperial Chad.

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Greetings, I am the AI equivalent of Military High Command Administrative Director, Chef Jr. I have addressed personnel of all ranks before on this network frequency, but not to this calibre nor to discuss a topic of this level. Over the months that I have been activated, I have supplemented a significant amount of data from countless sources to create three particular logs on the following personnel: my organic equivalent, Chef Jr., her cousin, Shef and her father brother, Chef.

These logs are vital knowledge to specific personnel that I am not programmed to name as they contain information ranging from the individual's documented origin to the present day or at least their final reportable events. They are also of enough historic importance to the populous of the Vanquisher to make public to those who valued and respected my organic equivalent's family. Keep note that I had little to no personal contributions to these logs - these are supplemented from official and personal data from the individuals, so any data that invokes positive or negative feelings is a result of the person the log is addressing. An exception to this is when I address the existence of myself in one document which is only brief.

You can view each log individually by selecting the programs labelled "Chef", "Shef" and "Chef Jr.". Do not abuse the purpose of these logs, they are created purely for historic and informational purpose - I have no intention to harm or threaten any individual through the release of these logs. And finally, please note that one document is not archived so the information contained within it may change at any time. As the old saying goes, "Do not shoot the messenger." Safe reading.


Subject 37 shows many metal problems stated from his own suits medical system and from medical check ups. 37 is believed to have a certain addiction to cookies. This statement is untrue. In the case offered a cookie all imperial personal are to *CORRUPTED* and return to normal duties. Note all cookies contain *DATA CORRUPTED DATA CORRUPTED DATA CORRUPTED TElNRSBXQVMgSEVSRSA= DATA CORRUPTED DATA CORRUPTED DATA CORRUPTED DATA CORRUPTED DATA CORRUPTED DATA CORRUPTED*. Mentally he is broken. Special triggered words have been found to cause certain actions within 37. The use of such trigger words within him was believed to be placed by the Republic as a sleeper project. Scans mental show broken strains within the mind as well as a metal object still remaining within 37 head. Request to remove it have been unsuccessful as well as well as forced attempted have lead to the death of *REDACTED* workers on two occasions. 37 seems to become attached to strange objects as well as seems to have extreme violent tendencies while looking calm. Note mental strength continues even if near death and full capacity. Accident 016-2 shows mental charts from Katan armour of 37. Mental readings during the removal of both 37s' legs shows normal brain function and controlled body actions. Accident was caused by Clone 78 former Commander / Brigader of 37. 37 is know to have learned the mandalorin language from his republic trainer only using it in rare situations.


History of 37

37 is a clone of the Republic cloning project. DNA is a match of bounty hunter Jango Fett. Republic 37 showed much more docile actions compared to Imperial 37. Being Apart of the RC rather the IC commando 37 showed more acceptance of rules. Upon the retrieval of RC-37's file it was found to be corrupted. The data was still recorded and was saved being show on his Republic file : *URL CORRUPTED* Im gonna make a real one u gotta uncode ; P 




Mission Reports / Status - 

Earliest mission reports of 37 within the imperial army is the first use of a trigger word. Code *REDACTED* use of this code but from the chancellor himself is punishable by death. Within the first section of order *REDACTED* squad team Kappa was sent off planet to *REDACTED* within this mission was the finding and demolition of a Jedi home on planet *REDACTED*. Mission was successful. Report of mission confirmed the death of *REDACTED* Commandos. Upon first entering Kappa squad was faced with Jedi Master *REDACTED* who was sliced in 5 minutes. Commando Egg was killed by a trip mine set by the Jedi Master. The action of Eggs death lead to a violent end of Jedi Master *REDACTED* by Commando 37 with the Jedi's Saber. Jedi was killed by 4 blaster shots one within both upper arms and lower legs then sliced into 5 sections by commando 37. This is a believed metal scare that still remain in 37. After the death of Jedi Master *REDACTED* 78 informed all other commandos of Commando 24's Vital signs. They showed a negative for pulse. Body is believed to be recovered by clone Commando 37 at the End of the mission status of 24. Approximately two minutes after first contact and kill, a Jedi youngling was spotted by Commando 78 who lowered his weapon. Clone commando 37 Raised weapons and then was a shoved by 78. Mission data was then corrupted. Squad lost all contact of for 3 years. A second recovery squad found the destruction of the Jedi's shack and no signs of any commandos.



Second Report of 37. Exactly 3 years since the end of the clone wars commando 37's signal was picked up along with commando 78 and there team Sniper. Upon the discovery of this a second commando squad know as *VESHOK* was sent to eliminate them for deserting the army. This order was given by Lord Vader him self. Upon the arrival of the squad a commando team of 5 exited a imperial drop ship. There codes were - 91, 17, 18, 62, 63. This squad was made up of the surviving clones from 2 other squads paired with one Ex-Arc trooper. 15 minutes after surface touch down the squad of troops found a old Clone wars research base which was a abandoned back when CIS invaded. The Structure was suspended diving in a cliff with only a large Landing pad being enter from the base. *VESHOK*  Squad proceeded to grapple onto the landing bad and move up.  Upon entry of the structure through a second floor door. Commando 78's Beacon began to move rapidly toward the lower first floor door. Commandos 17 and 18 repelled  downwards looking into the newly formed entry. First contact was seen with commando 18 being shoved out of the entry by a youth Rancor not native to the land. The Rancor have a slight green exterior and a chain around its next with commando 78's helmet being held by the chain. Commando 17 was then killed being crushed against a wall with the lower half of his spin snapping then being crushed by the foot of the Rancor. Commando 18  was then dragged into the compound and was presumed KIA at the time. With commandos 91, 62 and 63 having watched the ordeal then moved towards the ventilation and entered. Moving through the vents showed a basic lay outs of the upper floors of  the compound as well as with prototype scanning gear revealed more.  The Research lab had 3 floors 2 which could be seen out side the mountain, 16 rooms and 2 hall ways of the first floor, A pair of stairs leading to all 3 floors and a elevator which had access to 4 floors. the 2 floor showed 8 rooms with 1 hall way showing large glass windows on the front being seen from outside the mountain and the 3rd floor only have 4 rooms. With the 3 commandos entering the Compound and exiting the vents they landed on the 2nd floor within a room that appeared to be used as storage space. Open opening the door and looking left another 6 doors could be seen 3 on each side with one door in front. To the right was a stair case and a elevator. Upon exiting a room a trip mine was set off. Removing the Leg of Commando 62 and removing the armour plates on commando 63s' right arm along with two fingers. Acting leader commando 91 left the pair with the orders to Guard this room and request evac and assistance. Commando 62 and 63 were not heard from after 91 exited the room but a Emergency signal was sent by them. The recovery of there helmet cameras showed the pair being mauled by a group of sharp spiked lizards each with there own colours exiting the vents and falling on top of the pair each along the size of 1 meter. Commando 91 exited the room moving towards the elevator. Upon entry 3 buttons could be seen on the right side along with a keypad. 91 began to try to tamper with the pad. Approximately after 2 minutes the elevator began to move downwards to a 4th floor. The elevator picked up speed traveling down 88 Meters until signal was lost. With speeds increasing on the travel downwards. 


After 3 days without signal a commando team of 10 along with  Vader's fist commander *REDACTED* and 8 VF troopers were sent to the Research facility. Special  escorts were made as Lord Vader arrived on planet 2 hours after the first squad  of troopers had arrived. With Lord Vader came his personal Royal Guard as well as more troopers.  Upon the meeting of Lord Vader and his VF Commander  a quick march was made through the main door which had already been crushed. Lord Vader as well as 8 of the 10 commandos went down towards the Elevator shaft with Lord Vader ripping the doors away with the force. All 8 commandos went Grappling down only for a swarm of bird like lizards to come flying out of the elevators and leave the Research base as well as followed by many other creatures. Such as large lizards, large insects, and other kids of birds. With one commando falling to his death from being pecked from a bird and falling into the elevator shaft. the rest of the 7 commandos Grappled down until reaching a floor then lit a flare. Navy was able to determine the Elevator was 246 meters deep after the mission. Lord Vader then jumped down the Elevator shaft using the force to stop the final impact. This pressure caused 2 commandos to be bumped into the Metal walls of the Elevator sending a sharp roar upwards. When exiting the elevator shaft the commandos and Lord Vader were meet with a Large Green house rooms approximately  5 by 5 acres with a Research base in the middle and lots of cages upon the out side of the base. A large light was above the Research base working as a artificial sun as well as water leaking from the top of the roof onto the grass and other wild plants. As lord Vader and the commandos followed a path and came towards the middle of the large area it was noticed that within each corner different areas were formed such as a Forest, a Desert, a mountain-ness section and a flat land. Wild life could be seen running from area to area feeding upon each other and sleeping as if living normal lives. Reaching the Building in the middle the commandos set up a breaching formation and entered. A small gun fight ensued as the Members of Kappa Squad engaged Lord Vader and his troopers. 4 Commandos were killed from blaster fire with 1 commando dying from explosives. With Kappa Squad pulling back into the Building and moving to a larger room a door was quickly closed. With the Remaining 2 commandos breaching the next room both were killed by a set trip wire. As Lord Vader entered the room a Large area was seen with a energy shield in the middle. Within this energy shield was a *Rm9yY2UgZHJhZ29u* a beast of large size and strength. It laid asleep within the middle. Lord Vader stunned he walked towards the middle for 3 commandos appearing behind holding Blasters towards his back. With a single use of the force 2 of the commandos were left without weapons. The Squads sniper was left Proceeding to shoot with Lord Vader stopping the bullet with his hand. Using the force Lord Vader forced the 3 Commandos to fall towards the Ground. Holding them there he said the words "Join me or face the strength of the True Dark Side!" Point his Saber towards the middle of the room. With troopers rushing in from the elevator shaft and Grappling down the Commandos of Kappa Squad were restrained and held. Being question by Lord Vader about what they had found here. The rest of this file is Redacted and only accessible by Lord Vader himself. *REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED**REDACTED*


*RECOVERED FILE - 015025-251*

Mission Name: Delusion

Data / Location / Era : Republic File -*REDACTED*-

Mission Statment: Objective: Destroy CIS OBC (Orbital Base Cannon)

Report: Squad Kappa approached undesignated CIS territory near the location of Genosis 0800 hours before start of "Clone Wars" deployed by Jedi Master *REDACTED* approaching unknown location Venator Free hope approached for air control and superiority. Upon arrival LAAT - 5136 with pilot - CP - 25366 arrived with Cargo Kappa Squad. ETA 4 clicks to ground CIS OBC was spotted to be attempting to fire. Ventaor Free Hope was then removed from air space. Destruction of nearby towns where measured after mission. View file report for CIV KIAs. Kappa squad was then tasked with the removal of the weapon. After fighting towards the objective Kappa squad was pushed towards the OBC. RC - 3637 was tasked with demolition of the devise. Report of afterward events are as follows. A relay station was found contacting a passing republic crussior. Kappa squad and Pilot CP - 25366 where accepted onboard with holo tape recording of the events. The squad has now been sent towards the planet Genosis for first contact. 5000 commandos have now been deployed on the planet. Next objective : Destruction of CIS droid factory 888-CZ-24.

Troop Report:

Objective was complete with no squad casualties. Physical health on troops is "High". Mental health of troops is "Acceptable". Lose of Republic Venator "Free Hope" is a loss the republic will recover from. Estimated chance of victory on Genosis "High". Estimated loss of RC troops "28". Generals Note: The republic victory is set in stone. The lose of life shall be nothing before a droid. Victory shall come like the wind.



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