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A very serious guide to become an RP God.


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In recent times I've noticed that RP has become a lot more internal instead of being done in a collaborative way that impacts others and actually plays to the servers strengths. As such I've put together a very serious presentation on how to roleplay. Its even @Jman1308 approved (although he told me that I was encouraging  metagaming at 11:52😔 )


Anyway if you're struggling to find rp/fun on the server, then you can find the answers on how to rp good in my presentation that I very carefully and thoughtfully put together. 

Many thanks goes to @Binny for reminding me about beskar rp. and also @Havanawhos own presentations inspired me to create my magnum opus which I am presenting to you right now. Shout outs also go to @Storm@Setsuna and @Curly for inspiring me to become a good rp'r so I don't end up like them.




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Wanna know what’s worse than making a beskar saber? Wearing a maid dress for a root, not directed at anyone. But I could never imagine being that desperate. Again not directed at anyone :)

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