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Updating Toolgun Abilities


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Hey everyone just wanted to pop in here and get some opinion on the different feature in the toolgun we have and changing them to a much easier and user friend ones. Feel free to make more suggestions with other toolgun abilities that you'd like to change.

Also I could make this huge and a lot to read but I know we all don't want that so I've tried to keep it as short as possible.

Advance Dupe 2



Advance Dupe 2 is a much better and easier way to duplicate items, especially when organising them in folders. It is much more user friendly. When duping items with multiple peoples props it is much easier to do when they have been added to your buddy in the utilities bar


Moving Dupes over personally would have to be done in a single player world. I do understand this is a big negative but I just want to know from others if it is worth the change.



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