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November Community Update

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I hope everyone had a great Halloween and congratulations to our winners for the PAC competition. As anticipated, this past month has definitely been tough, and I'd like to thank everyone for their continued commitment to the server and to the community. Unfortunately, we're not quite through it yet, many people such as myself still have exams and heavy work schedules ahead. However, I can say with certainty by late November, all shall be well for the festive season. In the meantime,  the development team has and will continue to be hard at work, producing awesome content for our community. Below you'll find a list of everything that was completed last month and a list of the content we intend to finish before the month is over.

Completed Changes:

  • Rebel Infiltration System
    • Players will be offered at random, the ability to participate in rebel motivated missions. These missions will be passive rp based (i.e. sabotage, espionage) and won't involve any massive firefights.
  • Login Rewards System
    • Players will be rewarded for every consecutive day they login with the largest reward being at the seven day mark. This will reset every week, but players will still be able to view their overall "streak".
  • Mac's Quest System (MQS) 
    • A new system where staff can create quests ingame which allow include dynamic features such as; NPCs, weapons, custom commands, on-screen prompts.
  • Food System
    • Unlike the system from a food a couple years ago, there will be no hunger or thirst bar. These food entities provide a buff for a short duration or untill death (e.g. increased movement speed). 
  • Fixes/Tweaks
    • DT automatically scale upon spawning
    • Lowered some weekly quest requirements
    • Increased squad limit to 20
    • Rebel infiltration bugs

Upcoming Changes:

  • Lightsaber Whitelisting
    • This system aims to stop members of sith using lightsaber configurations or force abilities that their character wouldn't have access to. It has the ability to restrict all lightsabers variables (length, width, colour, etc...) and finally force abilities. This will be done through droids in the temple instead of admin tickets. High ranking sith members and staff members will have a panel which will show every possible saber modification and force abilityand an option to award specific ones or revoke modifications that have previously been awarded. @Aiko Also plans to work on further sith related systems in the future.
  • TFA Attachment Vendor
    • I recently purchased an attachment vendor script, and with the help of @Twist we will be intergrating that with our current TFA system. This will allow all players to purchase attachments for their weapons. (Most if not all weapons will have the ability to have the attachments.)
  • Bounty Hunter Panel
    •  @Vanilla Has been working on a panel where players can see active bounty hunters and select certain bounty hunters to place hits. As this panel acts as a middle man, bounty hunters will only get paid if the hit is complete. Please see the images below for further details.



  • TFA Optimisation
    • Arguably one of the most laggy addons on the server, @FireCup has used parts of our old TFA base aswell as external scripts to optimise our current TFA base. Instead of reverting to the old base, this optimisation keeps newer features such as attachments and cleans up unneed parts of the base.
  • Cargo Shuttle Skins
    • @Proxy_109 is currently working on a new skin for the cargo shuttle, as well as making addition tweaks to the LFS system for certain ships. This is aimed at improving RP aswell as balancing some of the LFS values.
  • 501st Custom Class Model
    • @Banks is currently working on a model for the proposed 501st Demolition Class. This model will have addition bodygroups such as a; utility pack, shin guards, and ammo chain.


  • Event Server
    • This project has been in development and under semi-tight wraps for several months now. @HenDoge has been hard at work creating a new gamemode from scratch. The brand new Event Server takes only the most essential parts of a SWRP server in the name of optimization. This has all been done with the dream of being able to host a fully populated event for the server without major lag. In addition to this, we also have SNPCs (better NPCs) on the event server, which has not been possible on the main server due to lag. I would also like to thank all the staff members who helped with stress testing the server, which we hope to release later this month. Stay tuned for an update from @Kristofer who will be producing a comprehensive trailer for our event server. Finally, in preparation for this momentous occasion, there will be a 30% Discount on all donation store items effect from today, until the release of the server later this month. Use code "NEXTSTEP"

As always, I encourage questions and feedback, and I will endeavor to do my best to provide clarity to any of your concerns. Massive thanks to all the developers for their continued work and commitment to the server. 




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