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2021 Halloween Events


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Due to it being the spooky season, it gives alot of free rein for the Event Masters to mess around & provide events that jump out of the usual server rules/lore restraints. This year we're going to be bringing you at series of 3 events over the next couple days. They'll be as follows.


Tarkin's Return - 30/10 - 6:00pm AEDT

Joke Event with Grand Moff Tarkin coming back from the dead, blaming our ISD
for the loss of his superweapon. He seeks to capture 6 Holocrons to ban half the server
with it's power.

Combine Yakuza's Assault - 31/10 - 7:00 AEDT

The Combine Yakuza featured earlier in the month returns to our ISD,
new tactics after finding ancient knowledge from a Sith Holocron. 

Konkiv Listening Post - 1/11 - 7:00 AEDT

The ISD Dexerity recieves a distress call from Konkiv Listening Post. Curious to
what has occurred, they deploy a team to search the swamp containing
the station for clues.

Credits @Arkan, @Seaelay, @yeff, @Miracle

Thanks for @Mouse for the artwork

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