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Ernest Wang's Event Master Application


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Player Server Profile Information

In-Game Name (Most Identifiable): Ernest Wang 

SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:203874352

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198368014433/

Time Played (UTime): 6w, 4d, 6h (Approx. see image)


Player History

Have you had any warnings in the past? If so, please list them: None

Have you had any bans in the past? If so, please list them: None

Have you had any similar positions (Staff, PAC3, Developer) on other servers? If so, please list them: I was a trial mod on Wyvern servers ages ago, however this did not last long as the owner ended it soon after. Therefore, my staff experience is close to none. But always keen to learn.

Basic Reasoning Questions

Why should you be given this position over others?:

While I have no doubt that there are many others who would more than likely be better suited for this type of position, particularly in regards to extensive knowledge on Star wars lore, which I am notably not the best at, I consider myself extremely loyal, resolute and very persistent. I stick to what I know and while learning something I always aim to be the best I can be at it . I believe that I may be able to bring something new to the table. I also believe I am fairly light hearted and I think I can bring enjoyable experiences to server as an event master. 

Why should you be trusted with this position? and do you believe others think of you with the same perspective?:

I truly do believe that the question of trust in regards to any staff position is extremely vital. That is one of the primary reasons as to why I have waited so long in order to apply for this role. After nearly 540 days being apart of the server, with 100% of that time in one regiment, ISC, I would like to hope that I have gained a fair amount of in character and ooc trust with every step forward. It should also be noted that as seen above, I have had no real run ins with stuff in regards to warns or bans or even that many in character arrests. I am a very loyal member of the community, although I use forums very little, with what I believe is a committed perspective, with no intentions to abuse any power given to me. Overall, I do honestly think that I am trust worthy of this position and in turn, I would hope that others in the community think of me in the same perspective. 

Why are you applying for this position?:

I have seen many EMs come and go, many events transpire and as said previously above I hope that I can bring something new to that table with a fresh perspective. I want to bring about fun and enjoyable server wide events with thought out ideas I have had for ages. I understand that it may be slightly stressful in this position, as said to me by many, but I am willing to take on the challenge. Being apart of the EM team has always been very interesting to me and after a while on the server I think its about time I give it a go. 

Before we continue, anything else you’d like to add?:

As stated, my actual experience as staff on gmod is very lacking, so the learning curve may be a bit larger. 

Event Master Reasoning Questions

What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive?:

I believe one of the most important aspects in making sure events are more fun, enjoyable and inclusive is ensuring things don't always repeat themselves. I understand that making completely different events every single time is near impossible, but I also think that the small things are very significant. Outcomes, character tropes, progression of battles and even small scale gimmicks like reactor shutting down, shouldn't be repeated so often, as it may alienate players and make events feel more like chores then fun RP situations.

Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KdvsIjIBw7bC5xZQo0qawzMuFUtXjvbEEBcag_cMWx4/edit?usp=sharing

Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1trpRIOnCfXDaG-ZNyz_NZPt7LhCsRxHeB6DhYq7FuqI/edit?usp=sharing



Terms of Application

1. Application bumps are viable after a total of 7 days following the last bump/post. If the application is bumped prior to the minimum amount of days it is liable for denial.
2. Any member of the community is allowed to provide feedback by posting a “+1” or “-1” and can present evidence to support their vote. 
3. Advertisement of applications in any form, including but not limited to, in or out of character chat, discord, forum chatbox and teamspeak, will lead to an immediate termination and denial of the application.
4. Failing to answer questions will lead to the termination and denial of the application.
5. False information will lead to the termination and denial of the application.
6. Failing to meet the minimum requirements laid out by the template will lead to either the application being placed on a temporary hold until requirements are met, or it will be terminated and denied.
8. Knowledge of the ULX Commands are not essential when applying but it is recommended and preferred that applicants expand their knowledge prior to applying or while the application is active.

I, Ernest Wang, agree to the terms stated above and accept that if my application is successful, I am henceforth a representative of Imperial Gaming and will act maturely and responsibly. I accept and will respect the powers that are given unto me with my position. I will only use the power given to me to enhance the experience of the members of the community. I accept that any abuse of these privileges comes with the risk of termination from the staff team. I accept that I may be demoted at any given time without prior warning or valid reason. I, the applicant, am well aware of the server rules and to the best of my ability will uphold and enforce these rules.



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+1 Good bloke, has good ideas, great application and also has been on a server for a long time so knows what he is doing and knows what the server wants.


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Thought it was a joke application at first aha
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