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Facebook Page Is Now Live!

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The Facebook page is now live and I am looking for more media to add to the page, I will do my best to grow the community through positive engagement on Facebook, as well as posting regularly. The page has the backing from community admins and administrators.

If you are worried about posting your media, and afraid of posting from your personal Facebook, message me directly in Discord. And I will post it directly to the page if you think it posts the community in a good light. Currently as I see it right now we are in a decline of dedicated players either due to exams, or personal reasons. And I personally want to see the community grow and have a bigger player base. Which will open up the possibility of more classes and regiments in future.

So please share, and like the page. Link is here.



((My Background I have been running a group on Facebook for the past 13 years primarily focused on the Buying, Selling and Swapping of Musical Instruments in Australia and have amassed 18K+ members over that timeframe.))

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