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  • Vera Rixon

Suggestion Summary/Title:

  • Add a promotable job for gangs
  • Allow for more than a single keypad cracker and lockpick in each gang (for raiding)
  • Potential to demote leader


So it honestly kinda sucks that a gang only has access to one keypad cracker and lockpick. Sure, gang members can continue raiding even after their leader dies, but what's the point if you can't get past any locked doors / keypads? Its quite rare for gang members to finish a raid without their leader successfully and it really does suck. To remedy this, simply allow the gang leader to /promote a player to the position of 'second in command' (or have a job for each gang). In terms of gang hierarchy a second in command would be similar to a police chief since they command the police officers, but are commanded by someone above them. 

Further, if they deem the leader to be inadequate (You must have a reason past 'they lost a raid' or 'they were the first one to die') they may decide to start a vote between fellow gang members (and only within that specific gang) to demote their leader to the position of gang member. If it succeeds the second in command would immediately become the new second in command. 

How will this suggestion benefit the server?

This isn't just a role to continue raids, it has a lot of roleplay potential. A second in command doesn't necessarily need to look different to their fellow members, but they will provide structure to a gang like real life ones would. Also if this job operates under /promote, its not like a leader needs to promote someone to jeopardise their position.  

But lets be real here, no gang wants to just stop because their leader died and they didn't hire another thief to be a lockpick slave. Considering that police are getting ranks fairly soon, this is a decent compromise for gangs. 

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  • VeraRixon changed the title to Gangs - Second in command


I was always the right-hand man to many great gang leaders in the past so this suggestion is very welcome. I believe this role will help provide gang rp the necessary buff it needs, while providing some extra rp flavour.

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+1, This incentivises more interesting dynamics across the board; being able to add more variety to the gang roles/rules would be more fun for players as well as give gangs a nice buff.

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