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Ideas for Passive Roleplay


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There are a range of minor things you could do, that doesn't get in anyone's way but gives just a little bit of immersion for people wondering around the ship.

For example, just do some general communications (1), a solo patrol (2), separate patrol squads (3), and be a little bit 'clumsy' with your character (4).


(1) (COMMS) CHARACTER: [ST] TK-1073, on stand by.

   > (COMMS) CHARACTER: [ST] TK-1073, awaiting orders.

(just some basic comms to add some flavour)


(2) You'd have to contact IHC for this, but just walk around alone in empty parts of the ship with your gun on safety, and provide the occasional comms message to follow with this.

   > (COMMS) CHARACTER: [ST] Enroute to the Lower Hangar Bays, to continue individual patrol.


(3) This could be done by Shock Troopers, but having a 2 sergeants leading 2 corporals or below around in opposing parts of the ship, and at points these pass each other and use comms to communication the status of the squad.

   / With this utilising the dedicated comms officer during the patrol

   > (COMMS) COM OFF2: [SK] Patrol Squad 2, moving to sweep the 1st Floor Bunks.

     >> (COMMS) COM OFF1: [SK] Patrol Squad 1, reporting suspicious activity at the Holotable of 3rd Floor.


(4) Do some rather questionable actions and then play it off as a "mistake", something minor with /me's

  > CHARACTER: ***Stands on the back of your boot***

    >> CHARACTER: ***Spills blue milk on your pants***



Do you have any ideas for newer players or for people that need a little push with ideas to have some more passive RP?

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