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Bob wants to be a good trooper

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In-game alias: Should have been something like Bob

Your SteamID: 

When was the ban: Time of ban displays (Unknown)

This was like a year ago.

How long is the ban: Permanent

Which admin banned you: Unknown

Explain the situation: 
Like it was so long ago I don't even remember

Why you deserve a second chance:

I mean I use to play IG back when it first started and with the downfall of some of the popular StarwarsRP servers I would like to return and make a positive contribution towards RP and the community.  

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Weather or not he remembers it lets not forget that if he recieved a Perma ban then there was obviously a reason to give out this extensive punishment, also as stated above by @pinejack If he minges on other servers to this date then whats to say he wont come back and minge on this server and within this community



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