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I just want to say that I know I have been in the sever since last year I just want to let you know of somethings about me.

At this time I spend my days at school, at Tafe and on the sever. I do a form of Martial Arts calledย Sun Soo ITF Taekwon-Do and as of last mouth I was able to get to the belt rank of red belt black tip, I have been doing this sport for around five years now. When I joined this sever I was lost for what to do, I joined Shock and started to get a hang of this sever, then I left Shock to join ISC as I wanted to fly which I became TT-02 (Tank Trooper 2IC), after some time in ISC I joined Riot for some fun but found the same thing when I was in Shock, I left Riot to join Navy which I became Naval LO and I was the person who started the RP of ILC through troopers requesting orders and things like that by a form, I left navy to join a combat reg which was Death Troopers which was fun good people and a good role overall. Which leads me to where I am now which is being Commander of Inferno Squad Iden Versio. I hope that I havn't been to rude or anything like that during my time in the sever I hope we can be mates soon.


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