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Imperial Horror Teaser (The Awakening)

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It was after 1 AM on the server and people were just messing around having some fun, thought i would capture some moments and make something interesting out of it. (Totally Unscripted and Unplanned) Critics welcome, tips and friendly advice appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who was on at this time.

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Starring Chef as the famous "CH-3F Assassin Unit", the mysterious, cloaked HK-51 droid with mystical Force powers and the terrifying Blacksaber!

Being a meme at 1am was fun af, probs was me that crashed the server too xD

Good work Thorn, pretty convincing stuff! Keep it up! :D

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Amazing my friend,

-Great editing

-Great Voice Over

- Even though it was unscripted it had a good storyline

I like how it flowed and you took the complete chaos and randomness from the after hours shenanigans and turned it into something. I reckon you should try out for like the editing team cause you have done well, keep up the good work within the community



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