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Greg Hudson (Araxamas)


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Hi Everyone,

My online name is typically 'Araxamas' but on Posiedon in the past I've generally been known as Greg Hudson, or that guy from the forums that makes lots of suggestions,

On old Posiedon I was a Trusted who frequently played the server and always really enjoyed DarkRP,

I have been really eager to see the return of Posiedon and have put my hand forward to be a Moderator on the server. I'm very thankful to the Staff for accepting me as a moderator and I hope to not dissapoint them. Being on a camp on the first few days of the server's launch, I realise I haven't had the oppertunity to make my presence known on the forums or server yet, but I hope to change that very quickly now that I am back.

I'll be active on the forums providing feedback to applications and suggestions based on my own DarkRP experience and am eager to meet both old and new players to the Server as things settle down from launch,

See you on the server everyone!

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