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Frenchys Trial Moderator Application

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Steam Name: [IG] FrenchyFries Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:141188434 In game name and rank:  Royal Guard Instructor Fizmaer Time Played: 3 weeks and 5 days Why are you applying for this position?: I am app

-1 I think it is pretty bullshit that people sign up to be an event master and then just decide that you do not want to do it anymore, but still want to keep your rank. it is just a way that

+1. You are a true hero, even making that movie thing. 

Him stepping out of Shadow Troopers, to focus on T-Mod, and in turn convince the Current Admiral at that time that I was good enough to rank up, is basically the Reason I had the ability to become Shadow Trooper Commander, way back then. 

He also helped me out a lot when I had just become a T-Mod, when he was a full fledged Mod. (Learning from Maulers Mistakes also helped me out too).

Easy +1

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- [ +1 ] -

- [ Reasons ] -

- [ Application ] - Your Application is Well Written and is Nicely formatted. I also like how You have put the colours in your App it is less of a strain on my eyes.

- [ Strengths ] - Your Obviously really good at writing because your App is great, but Seriously. You strengths from what I have seen is that you are Friendly, Caring, Humorous, Kind, Funny, Mature, Respondible and Respectful towards others. This can be used either in Sits or to calm down a situation.

- [ Trust ] - He has been trusted by the Staff Team of this Server to be an Moderator and a Event Master, is their much else to say. I also from personal experiences with him think he is able to be trusted to be a Moderator (Again) because he is a great leader and made into the person I am today a leader, a friend and Seriously Mature Beast of a Commander ;).

- [ Playtime ] - 3 Weeks+ This is becoming a Average time for many but I still think has a great amount of time in this server and it is an Achievement that he has made it this far. I believe before the (Time Reset) He may have had a bit more time than 3 Weeks.

- [ Experiences ] - It’s seems you have had a fair bit of Experience being a Moderator and a Event Master not only on Imperial Gaming but on other Major Server giants like Poseidon Servers and Hyponation Servers. This shows that you can easily handle Moderator on this Server.

- [ Pros ] - From the points I have made above about your Appilication and yourself I believe you are one of the most deserving people to gain the rank of Moderator again. 

- [ Cons ] - I don’t have any Cons for this Application at the Moment, I have read some of the Reply’s and think some of them maybe trueful and some may not but that is not for me to determine.

- [ PS ] - I have already made a Responds to the Appilication before but that Reply makes me sound like a fan boy for frenchy, That’s probably because I was in his Regiment at the time.

- [ Good Luck my Friend and my Old Commander ] -


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Frenchy is very loyal to the Advertising Team, He is also starting to become more and more active, He's preciously been an EM & Moderator and from what I can remember, Frenchy was a damn good one.

Good Luck.

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