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October Community Update


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Yesterday, we released our Dark RP server, and I can safely say it went extremely well. In addition to that, September was a great month in terms of player count. With increased frequency of events, and more offships in the afternoon, there's more for every kind of player. For those in your final year of school we wish you the best of luck with your exams and don't be afraid to take LOA's to focus on studying. Below I've outlined what changes the IG team achieved last month, with upcoming changes below that.

Completed Changes:

  • Dark RP Release
    • Thanks to @Higashi @Tyger @Aiko and the rest of the staff/beta testers for the great work they've put in over the past month. We had a great launch and i'm sure they'll continue to improve the dark rp server. 
  • Pac Competition
  • Second Character System
    • Thanks to @Twist for making this system. For those who don't know, this allows you to have two characters on the server.
  • Donation Changes
    • Make sure you check out the donation store for the changes.
  • Weapon Adjustments
    • Values have and will continue to be changed. This is to ensure a balanced system for everyone. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please take 30 seconds to fill out this form: https://forms.gle/BsdpRtbeYNshCBBm9
  • Player Nocollide on Spawn
    • Thanks to @HenDoge, upon respawning, players will be nocollided for a few seconds. This is to help prevent players getting stuck in events and other scenarios.
  • Reactor Room Radiation
    • Thanks to @FireCup players now require a radiation suit to enter the reactor room. Without it, they will take damage in the area.
  • Sith Force Powers
    • @Aiko has made some cool new force powers for saber wielders to use.
  • New Inquisitor Models
    • @Banks has made 3 new inquisitor models. This was to provide repalcement models for the grand inquisitor and siblings who were removed after the progression.
  • Visor Bodygroups
    • @Banks has added a new visor bodygroup for select models.
  • Fixes
    • Ping System
    • Keypads Update
    • RFA Console Link
    • Quest Bugs

Upcoming Changes:

  • Lightsaber Whitelisting
    • This system aims to stop members of sith using lightsaber configurations or force abilities that their character wouldn't have access to. It has the ability to restrict all lightsabers variables (length, width, colour, etc...) and finally force abilities. This will be done through droids in the temple instead of admin tickets. High ranking sith members and staff members will have a panel which will show every possible saber modification and force abilityand an option to award specific ones or revoke modifications that have previously been awarded. @Aiko Also plans to work on further sith related systems in the future.
  • Rebel Infiltration System - In Progress
    • Similarly, to the mission system, players will be offered at random, the ability to participate in rebel motivated missions. These missions will be passive rp based (i.e. sabotage, espionage) and won't involve any massive firefights. Players will be rewarded with credits for every mission they complete and will be exempt from any serious punishments. Staff will have the ability to see who is currently part of the system, so players cannot avoid punishment by claiming they are doing a rebel mission. Overall this aims to provide more RP for both the user and the security regiments.



  • 275th Legion Models
    • @Banks has been hard at work making the new 275th models, which will accompany the battalion in its transition to a legion. As it currently stands, there will be 3 different models, each with their own commander variants and with the extensive collection of bodygroups. 275th Infantry, 275th Scout, and 275th Sky. Here is a sneak preview of the base model.


  • Login Rewards System
    • @Vanilla has undertaken the task of the rewards system. Similarly to most others of its kind, players will be rewarded for every consecutive day they login with the largest reward being at the seven day mark. This will reset every week, but players will still be able to view their overall "streak". In addition to the base rewards throughout the week, players will be able to obtain rarer rewards by achieving certain milestones on their streaks (e.g. 14 days, 1 months, etc....).
  • TFA Attachment Vendor
    • I recently purchased an attachment vendor script, and with the help of @Twist we will be intergrating that with our current TFA system. This will allow all players to purchase attachments for their weapons. (Most if not all weapons will have the ability to have the attachments.)
  • Additional ILC Missions
    • The mission system is something that hasn't really been touched in a long time (besides some rewards tweaks). @FireCup is currently looking into adding some more unique missions aswell as possibly adding some co-op/regimental missions. This would involve the regimental officer/commander selecting a mission and then all online members of the regiment would have to carry out the mission. 

As always, I encourage questions and feedback, and I will endeavor to do my best to provide clarity to any of your concerns. Massive thanks to all the developers for their continued work and commitment to the server. 




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