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yo, in the past year i've been just getting into film/film theory a decent amount.
I plan on going to a film school next year and specializing in drama directing/script writing. I've made a film this year as a school project, i haven't finished editing it but uh feel free to ask about it.

A popular show on netflix rn is Squid Game, pretty sure most people have heard of it but it's basically about people deeply in debt playing childhood games to win a large amount of money, however, if they get eliminated, they die. I would be talking about another film/show but Squid game seems very relevant right now. 

People consider it to be a very "amazing and profound" show, I agree with that opinion when it comes to certain aspects of the show.

*Not too relevant but I'd thought that it was Bong Joon-Ho work primarily because of the very consistent theme of criticizing capitalist society and the use of extreme metaphor to convey that criticism (The metaphor being the game). For those who aren't aware, Bong Joon-Ho has directed very popular films like Snowpiecer and Parasite; both films which fixate on critiquing capitalism. Hwang Dong-hyuk directed Squid Game, though I'm not sure of who he is, it's fairly clear he has drawn large inspiration from Ho's work.

I'm still on episode 5, so it might be a bit premature to give a short review and put my thoughts on it, but I don't really care. My first thought is that, it's not that greatly "profound" as many people suggest. Don't mistake me, it is very good. There are many shows/films that I consider good but not amazing for the simple fact that opinion is objective on it; the narrative may be intricate or unexpected along with many other technicalities which are very precise, typically those are what define "Amazing shows". I personally believe for a film to be amazing, there needs to be a bias on it; the opinion would be subjective, and there's nothing more subjective than emotions on art. Perhaps that's common knowledge but I've just never really asked people about it. The idea I'm trying to express is that a film's success is most accurately measured through it's ability to emotionally strike an audience rather than it's technical or narrative intricacies. 

Back to the actual show rather than continuing with my odd ramble, I think the show isn't amazing for the simple fact that it doesn't emotionally strike me. It's narrative devices along with the number of narratives, the intricacies towards technical features and it's character binaries are all very very strong features of the show. Similarly to breaking bad, the show utilizes it's many number of narratives to create cliffhangers which leaves the audience at the edge of their feet trying to squeeze more episodes in. It's very admirable that they remained very consistent with their plot thus far and didn't create anything at all out of thin air. The details are so very precise within the narrative and foreshadowing is a very consistent device. Honestly, quite fun making predictions on what a little detail may serve later on in the show. Point is, everything means something, and that's very admirable as it ensures there's absolutely no filler which I find painfully boring. 

The script. The script is of course in Korean, but being someone who always watches with captions on, I am absolutely unphased by it. Lazy scriptwriting pisses me off. The most unnatural thing ever is when a question is directly answered in an odd context and answered perfectly as wanted; that's completely absent within the show and for that I had immediately liked it. Besides, knowing the difference of typical dialect I'm used to, the dialogue naturally was very unique (In translation that is). 

Honestly I have much more to say, but I simply just don't have enough time to. What are your guys thoughts on the show? (Also, spoiler warnings would be nice thx)

(Also I'm too lazy to proofread)

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Maybe try random discussions next time and put a spoiler in or "squid game discussion (spoilers) in the title.

I haven't got around to watching this yet but probably will soon.

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On 10/1/2021 at 8:56 PM, napoleon said:

I'm still on episode 5

K-dramas are slow burns 


don't waste your time on film study bro everything is subjective, and in today's climate you're just going to be roasted regardless 

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