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Guest Kosmos

What era should we do?  

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I feel like the main focus with people when it comes to the switch is what is going to happen to them or their regiment. Honestly I don't think we need to worry about it so much this opportunity allows us to start fresh with new ideas and content to use.

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I would not mind the switch to CloneWarsRP as I have actually wanted to try out Clone Wars for a long time but have not been able to since I have gotten involved in Imperial Gaming in a way that I cou

On 17/07/2017 at 1:06 AM, Ridge said:


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Storm Trooper > Clone Trooper

212th > 212th

31st > Bomb Squad

442nd > Doom Company

Cinder Squad > Omega Squad

Death Troopers > ARC / ???

Imperial Commandos > Republic Commandos

ISB > Republic Intelligence / ???

Star Fighter Corps > Republic Pilots

Incinerator Battalion > Clone Blaze Troopers / ???

Inferno Squad > Lore Pilot Characters? / ???

ITC > ???

Jump Trooper > Clone Jet Trooper Variant

Magma Troopers > ???

Medical Troopers > Medcorps / Have Medics in Each Regiment

Naval Guards > Senate Guards

Imperial Navy > Republic Navy

Nova Troopers > ???

Prophets > Jedi Consular

Rancor Battalion > Rancor Battalion

Remnant Company > ???

Riot Troopers > Riot Troopers

Royal Guard > Temple Guards

Royal Storm Troopers > Temple Security Force

SCAR Commandos > ???

Scout Troopers > 91st Reconnaissance Corps

Shadow Guard > Temple Guards / ???

Shadow Troopers > Shadow Company

Shock Troopers > Shock Troopers / Coruscant Guard

Shore Troopers > ???

Sith Inquisitors > Jedi Padawan / Knight / Master etc...

Snow Troopers > ???

Starcrash Brigade > ???

Storm Commandos > ARF Troopers

Terror Troopers > Clone Assassin

Vader's Fist > 501st


Personally i think, snow troopers can be THE SNOW TROOPERS, STR can be 327th, shore can be desert troopers, SCAR should be anti-troopers, Nova can be THE NOVA CORPS, ITC are 41st elite corps, idk about remnant and finally DT shouldn't be ARC instead should be Spec Op

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People are currently saying that it is a good idea to change now. But some of the same people are then telling other people that they will leave if the server changes.

it is a terrible decision to change. Clone Wars is an over populated server type and we are Imperial Gaming...Not Clone Gaming.

This thread is not only people lying but could result in the community losing a large large portion of our player community.

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Well, I for one am nearly done with Imperial RP along with many other veterans and think that a change is in order.

We cannot really do TOR without doing a sort of JedivsSith/GalaxyRP and they would have to be perfect to be any good. 

Clone Wars IS a viable option but it is an RP type used most often by other servers.

We ARE the biggest ImperialRP and people always stop by but the veterans are leaving (because it is getting old) making the player base completely change.

I do vote for Clone Wars but I believe we would still live if we did 2 SWRP servers:

1 CWRP server - 80 Slots

1 ImperialRP server - 80 slots.


Btw, @Fox/Footloose, if we did switch, then either rip your Fox Character or you will have to transfer to shock/CG. :)


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Guest Kosmos

Keep in mind that this vote is not a definitive decision, we are merely interested in what the members of this community are interested in. Everything that everyone has suggested is being taken on board by the management team and we are looking at this very closely to see all possible ways this could go. Obviously we can never please every single person here as everyone has their own point of view, which is fine of course. As for people saying that we should change but those same people saying they will leave if the server does change, that is very disappointing to hear that some members are acting in this particular way.

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Ok i understand i have no control over what happens as ultimatly the decision lies with Kosmos and the server management team but to be honest i dont think a switch would be good.


BTW this is MY OPINION so no one get salty over what i have to say.


Ok so this server has been growing non stop ever since i joined, players coming and going enjoying the time they spend on this server, i know there are problems but if everyone cracks down we can solve these, especially the Commanders+ as without the support of ACTIVE and responsive higher ups nothing will change. But any way not only is the server growing but it has developed an active and friendly playerbased community within it. And evryone knows people who are always on (EG. Everyone knows Pablo from ISB and Everyone knows Adelfos From MT) and i feel that if we were to switch to a clone wars server that we will loose a lot of our player base and our active members, some will stay i mean like im with IG either way i just dont think it is in the servers best interest to make the switch, instead we could find more to add to the pre existing server currently in use. Also on top of that Clone WarsRP servers are vastly overpopulated and Imperial servers are not. And we are a reputible server in the Imperial scene. On top of this all can i just add and this is completly irrelevant but Name = IMPERIAL GAMING,therefore ImperialRP suits.


Thanks, Hermes

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Kosmos I think that a large majority of the community will stick together.

i think that some of the people that didn't want to switch will still play and will still enjoy maybe not because of the era we are playing in but the players make it 100% better.

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1 minute ago, Gaben said:

Kosmos I think that a large majority of the community will stick together.

i think that some of the people that didn't want to switch will still play and will still enjoy maybe not because of the era we are playing in but the players make it 100% better.

I can agree with you on that Gaben, the players in the community is what makes the server enjoyable. although i dont see this switch resulting in a postive way towards the server in my opinion



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It's quite surprising to see such a 50/50 spilt between the community in terms of changing to Clone Wars or not. If there was a full swap to CWRP you would lose a few players but if there was both a CWRP and ImperialRP server, they would both die due to lack of player count.

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@Ridge and @Mauler couldn't of said it better, we are losing veterans due to people getting bored and there is plenty of proof to back it and it doesn't even require a change of era to settle it(even though I would prefer it), just something new. Now the people saying that they would leave the server if it were to change are obviously not the loyal kind and that type of behaviour is immature in my opinion.

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In saying what I said, I reckon the best course of action is litterally the last days of the clone wars, announce a massive campaign for the Order 66 and then transition to a just after Order 66 Imperial RP (meaning it will be clones but no jedi and events will be focussed on like hunting jedi and snuffing out the remnants of CIS)?

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I would not mind the switch to CloneWarsRP as I have actually wanted to try out Clone Wars for a long time but have not been able to since I have gotten involved in Imperial Gaming in a way that I could not uphold positions in two servers at one time, plus my computer could not hand all the addons required for two servers.

The thing I worry about though is the player base split that has been mentioned previously and the massive development changes that would need to be undertaken to achieve the smooth-running that the server currently has. I think a lot of people will be confused on which role would be theirs and whether that is a role they'd like to keep. On a minor note, I do not agree in their being two separate smaller servers running Imperial-era and Republic-era, that would be the most definite and obvious player split. There needs to be a complete, overall change to keep as many players as possible.

Also, a new map would be needed for us to stand out and keep our success, not the overused Venator map. Perhaps the funding for the new map could be put into a custom Imperial Gaming map placed for example in Coruscant. Although Lothal did sound like a good idea for an Imperial-era map and I've heard a lot of success relating to the custom map (whether it be Lothal or not), of course that location would not be viable for a Republic-era setting.

Following this, many models have been made for Imperial Gaming, why have those models go to waste when switching over? Of course, new models could be made but it must be understood that a lot of time and effort has been put into our custom models. Relating to this, sure, there are many high-quality addons for Republic-era, there are many more models for Imperial-era servers. A quick search on the Workshop would prove this. Of course, the release of Star Wars Battlefront II will be sure to change all of this but that is posed to release in November, which is many months away. Relating to this, it should be considered that a switch over from Imperial-era to Republic-era should occur closer to the release date of Battlefront II, as many models and addons would be sure of been released by this time, as already evident by the Battlefront II Phase 2 models that are available.

The time from deciding whether to go forward with switching over or keeping in the Imperial era and the release of Battlefront II would allow for many of the previously mentioned developmental changes that would be required to be completed and would allow for a smoother transition.

But an argument for all of this is simple: "Why change at all? Things are running smooth as it is and Imperial Gaming upholds the position of having the only successful Imperial-era StarWarsRP servers based in Australia."  While this is true and quite a powerful argument, I am not personally against this kind of change and a lot of others are not as shown in the votes. About half of the player base are fine with switching over, and that is an argument in itself. I think it would be beneficial to first off trial the Republic era in a separate server in the months closing on the release date of Battlefront II. Trialing is the best way for the player base to give their opinions and feedback on the potential change and will be the most powerful evidence in seeing what the best choice is. A lot of people want change as mentioned previously things have been relatively stale in the last months, causing a lot of veterans to leave. Changing the era would be a large change which could spark life into the community that it does not currently have, life from new Republic-era preferring players and current and older players seeing new opportunities they did not have previously. But that still leaves half the player base wanting to stay in the Imperial era, and that is powerful in itself.

In the end, it is the choice of the management and development teams feeding off of player feedback. The players come first. This could be the change players have wanted, maybe not. We will see in the coming days.

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