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Egg's Resignation & Farewell


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Dear IG Community, 


It kind of saddens me to say after the many months of being apart of this family I have come to known and befriend, I will be putting in my resignation as staff.

For the 8 months I have been here I have had one hell of a time and I will remember everyone for the memories that you guys bestowed upon me.


I can still remember being a Shore Trooper for the first time ever joining this server and Gamma being my Commander then building my way through the ranks through many pathways like ISB, Navy, Sith, IC Commander all the way to becoming the legendary DAGGGGNESHHHH.


I will never forget you guys and I will stay in contact with many of you guys but I want to shout out the legends I wont forget and a memory that we had.


Its going to be quite long and if I missed your name, soz.


* Brownie - Our late night watch2gethers with shit I can't even explain from then being Chinese farmers digging crops. You have been one of the best mates I've had and I wont forget you.

* Banks - One of the meme gang, what can I say. You're the only one who can break my PC from spam pokes.

* Ling - One day you will carry me to Grand Champion on Rocket League. Stay classy my man.

* Pablo - Shittest F1 player but you're a good ISB member and keep up what you do.

* Fox - You were once my trooper and I gave you my regiment. You haven't let me down and nor have you done with your regiment. Keep up the awesome work my man.

* Caboose - Don't stop what you do, you get shit done and don't mess around. A quality that doesn't come around often. One of the boys but I'm not on your steam profile... one day :)

* Imposing - I remember you months back when you were a SSGT for shock and the first time we met we had a long conversation how to get you started as staff and look at where you're at now. You're a really good mate and good luck on your endeavors ahead.

* Ridge - You were once my Commander for DT and the stuff you taught me to further increase being a leader helped me tremendously for the stuff I know today. Thanks for everything man.

* Kosmos - I met you back when Hercules Gaming was a thing and you being Obi Wan chilling in a mountain. One of the best owners I have met to date. Don't forget that the chicken is burning.

* Slicer - The meme himself, another shit F1 Driver but tbh man, a good mate and we will rematch our races soon.

* Wacko - A really good friend I have come to know, from our league games to our Scooby Doo impressions. Don't stop being who you are.

* Barron - Worst engineer ever...

* Chef - It was a privileged for you to give me the opportunity to take over your regiment. A really well known player and a really good leader.

* Mauler - The CS God and your bloody laugh. Just keep being you ya little mutt. :)


Thanks for everything guys.


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Literally the best Commander i ever had. Thank you for giving me the privilege of being in your regiment. Will never forget the memories of the old Squad days. You will be dearly missed. Thank you. 

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