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Imperial RP | Imperial Library & Important Links

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Imperial RP | Imperial Library & Important Links

Hello IG,

This section contains important links & handbooks (rules & regulations) about each branch on the Imperial Server for easy viewing access, as well as a minor description for what viewers can expect to see.

This section may be updated any time at the discretion of IG Management. If any of these documents need updating, contact any member of Senior Staff (Senior Mod+).

Last updated September 9th, 2021.

Imperial Gaming (OOC):

Map Textscreens

Information about various Text screens located around the map including: Clearance, Restrictions, VIP's. 

Imperial RP Database

Information about the Imperial Ranking Structure including: Ranks, Days to promote, Slots & Lore Characters. 

Clearance, Guards & VIP's

General information about Identification, Clearance & Guards / VIP's that all player's must abide & follow when playing.

Imperial Army:

Grand General's Directive [Work in Progress]

A series of rules issued by the Grand General (Supreme Commander) which all personnel aboard the ISD must abide by. This may only be edited by the Grand General (Currently being updated!)

CO Handbook V2 [Work in Progress]

A versatile handbook that covers what a Regimental Commander should be doing to run their regiment effectively. No ETA as of yet.

Shock Handbook

Information about the Shock Regiment & includes information such as: Regimental rules, loadouts, AOS' & much more.

BattleStations - Regimental Roles [Work in Progress]

Information about where each Regiment should be during a DEFCON change & what they should be doing as a result. No ETA as of yet.

Imperial Navy:

Imperial Navy Manual

Information about the Naval Regiment & how they operate on a day-to-day basis. Includes information such as: DEFCON procedures, Map protocols, Assignments & Responsibilities & much more.

Pilot License System

Information about the Pilot License System, what ranks can have what license & what the appropriate procedures are. Refer here if you're interested in gaining a Pilot License or are wanting to join ISC!

Pilot License Rulebook

Rules about the Pilot License system & what you can & can't do if you hold a PL. You are subject to any punishment by ISC if found breaking these rules.

Pilot License Demerit System

Point System used to calculate the rules of owning a PL & how a user can lose it. Information includes: Demerit points limits, rules, offenses & more.

Engineer Handbook

Information about the Engineering branch of the Imperial Navy & how they operate on a day-to-day basis. Includes information such as: Specialist Roles, RP opportunities, Rules / Expectations & more.

Imperial Starfighter Corps Handbook

Information about the Pilot branch of the Imperial Navy & how they operate on a day-to-day basis. Includes information such as: Rules, Protocols, Procedures & more.

ISB + Intelligence:

ISB Handbook

Information about the Imperial Security Bureau & how they operate on a day-to-day basis. Includes information such as: Inferno Squad, Ship inspections, Report writing & more.

Intelligence Agencies

Information about the various Intelligence Agencies stationed aboard the ISD combined into one mega-doc. Information included: ISB, Death Troopers & Inferno Squad (How they operate, ranks, rules, etc).

Inquisitorious & Shadow Guards:

Inquisitorious Handbook

Information about the Inquisitors + Purge Troopers & what their regiments entitle. Information includes: Lightsaber combat + Force powers, Code of conduct, Equipment & more.

Marauder Handbook

Information about the Imperial Marauders as well as various other materials such as "How to Roleplay as a Sith Character" & "What a Marauder is". Other information includes: Ascension times & criteria, useful binds & their hierarchy.

Shadow Guard Handbook

Information about the Shadow Guard regiment (formerly Royal Guard) & how they operate. Information includes: Various formations, Rules, Ranking structure + Health & more.

Other (Droids, BH, Civilians):

Bounty Hunter Manual

Interested in becoming a Bounty Hunter? This handbook covers all the essentials to setting up a successful first day into becoming the Galaxy's most wanted. Information includes: General Rules, Pricing System & Hit / Pricing rules.

Imperial Droid Manual

Interested in serving the Empire in.. other ways? This (mini) handbook has you covered with only 5 points to cover.

Civilian Rulebook

Off-ship & looking for some non-Imperial passive RP? This handbook has got your back. Covering essential topics such as: General Rules, RP Rules, Gun-shops & Vehicle Rules, you'll be sure to enjoy your time of leisure.


Economy & Quest Handbook

Interested in how our Economy & Quest Systems work? This handbook will cover: Rules, Bribery, Gambling & more little tricks to help keep you playing the server & avoid severe punishments.

Hold'Em Rules (Texas)

Unsure of how to play Texas Hold'Em or have no idea what it is? This should cover it. Have a quick read of the Wiki page, including material such as: Betting structures, Hand Values, Objectives & more, to answer all your inquiries.

Discipline Guidelines

This neat handbook covers the basic of the 4 disciplinary levels, ranging from minor to severe & following different punishments. More information can be found on the handbook itself.

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