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ohhhh... my?


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As you would know from your boost in happiness, the great Kamelieon has returned to his second home.

I was pretty certain that I would not return with my last departure thought to be my final one, but uh...
I must say I am proud of myself for sustaining a 10-month break with only 4 visits within that time.
However, with great boredom, lack of interest in other games and a 3-month lockdown IG became my solution.

It is great to see so many 2017 and 2018 players around especially the 80% that my memory cannot recall <3
For the players who don't know me....................... wth D:

Still getting used to the rank system and all this 2021 player stuff. Also why are all the regiments so basic now? D:

ANYWAY... it's great (or not - haven't made an opinion yet) to be home again :)

My info: 

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