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Unfairly banned

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Steam Details

Steam Name: Dazzy wazzy

Steam ID: 76561198133535085

Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198133535085/

In Game Details

In Game Name: Dazza

In Game Rank: 2nd LT

In Game Regiment: Death troopers


Ban Details

(Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here)

How long was the ban for: 3 hours

Which staff member banned you: Rex

What date did the ban occur: Today

What was the reason for the ban: Dunno, Hurt his feelings or somethin

Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: Vf metagamed so i abused them, Rex got mad in ooc, Didnt start a sit then banned me for telling him to fuck up cause hes a dribbling fuck.

Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: Cope harder

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