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Binny's Epic Suggestion.

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Despite popular opinion, this post isn't a a shit post, nor am I taking the piss.

The Concept:

An Interactive Vault.

How would it work?

2 Vaults will be available on the star destroyer, one of which can either be in ISB or The Brig. The other, being in IHC. This vault will be accessible to ISB / SK (NCO+) & IHC/IA. These people can deposit roleplay credits & invoices from other branches. These invoices are created by Imperial Administration, in their sub branch, GOV. These invoices will be accompanied by an automatic balance depending on the amount of security on. Maximum amount of Credits stored: 300,000 IC. 

For Every Security Member Online, the credits increase.

107th: 25,000 credits, for every trooper.

COMPNOR: 10,000 credits, for every agent / trooper

Note: A maximum of 300k can be stored. Cannot go over.


Has a 3 hour cooldown, per vault.


This mainly opens up roleplay to bounty hunters, treasonous troopers & other silly sausages that run around the server. Obviously some rules will have to be put in place to avoid RDM & false raids of such locations. It allows more roleplay for Event Masters and ISB. 

This is just a concept, and Im open to feedback. Drop a reply and we can discuss what would be feasible for this addition.






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1 hour ago, Joel said:

Good idea but I reckon if we did Add this we'd have to add something you can temp job people to unless they want to be risking everything for it

na make em risk everything if they get caught then should of brought more people to help out 

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