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Jeff Brown ban request

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Platform: GMOD

Reporter Name: Apollo

Reporter Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:157396157

Reported Name: Jeff Brown 

Reported Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:613077854

What Happened: Around 1:30 AM, ST PVT Jeff Brown began RDMing everyone in sight, even when they told him to stop. Although it is OOC hours since there were only 16 people, it was still very frustrating, as whenever we tried to do anything ( e.g: build in main hangar ) he would come out trying to RDM. We could not reason with him, so I cuffed him. He then started calling people names and insulting people, saying he wanted to be banned, the server was "sh!t", and saying that we should join another server, even naming the server. I won't repeat what insults he said within this report, but if a staff member needs me to I can. Also, every time he was uncuffed he would immediately begin shooting again. Eventually he left after being cuffed for about 20 mins. By then it was 2:30 AM. His reason for RDMing and being disrespectful was (quoted) "Because the server is sh!t". Although I doubt he can make that judgment as he got on when less than 20 people were on.  


I did record some of the things he said.



I have several witnesses including:

  • 31st Private Bongo
  • ST Private Rex
  • RST Master Sergeant Rick
  • MT Raznov
  • MT Adelfos 
  • ( Possibly ) DT Boneless
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+1 Sounds like a complete fuckwit. Even if it was OOC hours, you don't go onto a server, RDM everyone, talk shit about the server and then start advertising another Garry's Mod server.

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There were around 10 minutes of TDM (because people consented.) but PVT Boneless was killing people who didn't consent or who agreed to be apart of the TDM. I'm not sure about Jeff Brown as I disconnected to go play Battlefront. Though this doesn't sound good. If you could show the recordings it would be nice but for now, my opinion is neutral.

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