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September PAC3 Competition

Reminder that the competition submissions will close Friday 17th of September
Anyone can submit responses, so long as you are utilising pac3. This competition is not limited to those who have pac3 access on the server.

Anyone can submit more than one outfit, even continue to submit. However only one of your outfits can win.

Submission Form - here.

Need Ideas?
For those who are looking for ideas, you can refer to: 
> Imperial Military Units - here.
> Species - here.

You can expand your work to cover a large variety of non-imperial designs. So long as it can fit in with our era and it can made into a playermodel.
> Political Factions & Governments
> Organisations

> Any submissions of your themed pac3 that can realistically fit in around the star destroyer or base will work.

1st Place Victor who does not have any PAC3 Tier will not receive a Tier Upgrade. This means having applied for and having been accepted for any Tier of PAC3.
1st - 3rd Place Victors will not receive Custom TS Icons if they already have one!

> First Place Victor who does not receive a Tier upgrade will receive an addition 500,000 Credits to compensate.

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On the server we have many model that have both male and female variants on the server. But out of all the models that we have for officers and regiments that don't wear helmets we don't have a female Engineer. So I decided to use the assets from the engineering models on the server to make a female variant for People to use of their Characters RP.

So I introduce the Female Engineer...



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Naval Trooper Jnr. 
Naval Troopers were the general rank and folly of the Imperial Navy, and on the server we barely have any. Soon I will be making Naval Troopers to allow a different look, but Naval Trooper Jnr's were and is something we see all the time in the Imperial Era, and their adaptation to the server would just make sense in my opinion.
And the one on the server we do have, have terrible lighting...




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A Whole list of regimental models.



501st Patrol Trooper:


Shock/Riot Patrol Trooper:


442nd Patrol Trooper:

212th Trooper (Done in Banks Style)[P.S: This screenshot depicted just a basic retexturing as it suited my purpose, however, like previous models, I do have a model2 version:


Custom Riot Trooper:


Red Scout (The idea is it is in fact, Shock, but could be CO as well):


Imperial Commando (Bodygroups imported from a now deleted addon, all credits to AuzziWozzi):


Last image is my current in game pac. Obviously some elements are more personalised, but this is supposed to be reminiscint of the Commandos depicted at the end of The Bad Batch, the ones with Grey.




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September PAC Competition Update

End date for submissions has been pushed back until the 19th of September (This upcoming Sunday)
This extension will allow those who have not yet finished their outfits a chance to enter.

A reminder that everyone is welcome to enter the competition, multiple outfits can be submitted. However only one outfit will be chosen as a winner.


Don't forget to try post screenshots of the final product in response to this thread in order to showcase them to the public.

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So it's a bit cursed, but it's my first time doing a full rextexture so, you know, bear with me x)

Presenting the new Royal Stormtrooper!



It all started with a base model Stormtrooper, (t posing model is here as a placeholder) and I had one goal in mind, make it *red*. How? Well, I was going to do the one thing i'd been meaning to do for a good while now, go into the files and manually retexture it all.


After having tweaked everything all that was left was the hands, and beyond that I thought about how to improve it, this part got a bit trickier, but I knew it would definitely, surely improve what was already there, it was time to add some detail!


After a good amount of time (a really long time, what is sleep) I bounced between blender for reference and GIMP for colouring to add in the black detailing. Eventually happy with the current design after a couple of attempts, I chucked a kama on the model and called it a day, or night, or whatever time it's supposed to be right now.

While I hope to add something else before the deadline, here is something to contribute :)

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